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November 21, 2017 / 10:27 am EST


LivingHomesDec 22, 2012
Are Not Your Typical Modular Homes

We've all known that little boy who spent hours creating whole worlds with a box of colorful Legos. For many boys, once they grow up and become an adult, those hours spent using Legos to fuel the imagination and make spectacular structures becomes a fond memory. However, that was not the case for Steve Glenn, CEO of LivingHomes. His love of Legos followed him into adulthood, and ultimately inspired him to use his love of creating and developing to build on a larger scale in a way that benefits the environment. LivingHomes, the company Steve helped create, facilitates the design, manufacturing and installation of modular homes that are efficient to build and operate, beautifully designed, and feature the smallest ecological footprint possible.

The mission of LivingHomes is to create healthy homes for a dual purpose: the health of the client and the health of the planet. The futuristic-sounding way the company accomplishes this is what they refer to as "Z6." The design of each LivingHome adheres to six goals that help it ultimately achieve zero: zero water, energy, waste, emissions, carbon, and ignorance. This may seem a lofty goal for a home, especially one that is essentially a “prefab” one. All LivingHomes are designed by architects that work with the firm, and are then constructed and assembled at LivingHomes' southern California factory. The modules are then transported to the site, where they can be assembled, sometimes in record time. One LivingHome was installed in eight hours, and then went on to become the first home to be certified LEED Platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council! Since then, more LivingHomes have been awarded LEED Platinum certification than any other design firm's homes.

The LivingHomes concept is clearly one that works for the environment. How does a homeowner approach the process of having a LivingHome, and what is it like to work with the firm? The first step is to meet with the LivingHomes team, where they will provide information on the entire process of creating and building your LivingHome. The firm works with two architects, Ray Kappe and Kieran Timberlake, and offers three lines of single or multifamily homes. The newly introduced C6 and CK homes are meant to be the most affordable, most environmentally focused homes offered by the firm. Any of the home designs available can be built to standard configurations, or can be completely customized, so no matter what your individual needs, there is a LivingHome that is just right for you and your family. The team at LivingHomes is available to you every step of the way, from conducting a feasibility study on your existing piece of land, to helping you locate and work with a great construction manager, to walking you through the environmentally-friendly options that are available to you.

The LivingHomes model of construction is to essentially build and assemble the home in a factory and transport it to the home site, where it will be installed. Many people's perceptions of “prefab” homes come from wondering if those homes they see traveling down the highway are really safe, cost effective, or design-focused. The good news is, the prefab method of constructing a home as LivingHomes does means a better quality home than traditional construction methods, due to strict adherence to codes in order to withstand transportation. Also, a prefab home can be constructed in 5-6 months rather than 12-18 months for traditional construction. A prefab home is also a low construction waste home due to the minimal amount of waste that goes to a landfill. Many of the LivingHomes frames are constructed from steel, which means a sturdy, durable home. The prefab method also gives the firm control over the materials they use to construct their homes, allowing them to choose natural and non-toxic reclaimed wood, or low VOC paints and millwork.

The home of the future is a living one, but not in the sense that they were portrayed in old science fiction movies. A LivingHome is the future of home building now, where the home is fully integrated into the lifestyle of the family who occupies it, and a healthy and comfortable place where you can enjoy life with your family without worrying about the impact your home will have on their health or on the health of the land. A LivingHome is an affordable, design-focused, environmentally friendly home that is built for living a happy life, and ensuring happy living for generations to come.


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