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November 21, 2017 / 10:28 am EST


Michelle Kaufmann Studio
Michelle Kaufmann Studio Jan 28, 2012
Offers Innovative Green Home Solutions

Is it possible to design and build an affordable, eco-friendly modular home that is also stylish and beautiful? The idea of using modular or prefabricated construction techniques is becoming increasingly popular as more people are looking for ways to build homes that are convenient, affordable and efficient. Thanks to the work of architect and home designer Michelle Kaufmann, through her boutique design firm, Michelle Kaufmann Studio, people are able to add sustainable, healthy and beautiful to that list of home building options. Kaufmann offers architectural design services that are based almost solely on modular or prefabricated construction techniques, as well as sustainability consulting services. In over eight years of pioneering work in designing and building fifty-four green modular homes, Kaufmann is able to offer clients her extensive experiences and knowledge, gained through testing and researching the best options for quality and sustainability in the modular industry.

The type of modular homes designed and built by Michelle Kaufmann Studio defy the traditional thinking in on-site building. In the sense that the word is used here, “modular” simply means that the pieces of the home are prefabricated off site, and then brought in to the home site to be assembled. Working with Michelle Kaufmann Studio from design through completion is a process as seamless as the actual home construction, with the most work and effort going into carefully and correctly preparing the site. Once the site is ready, building the home is simple and efficient due to the reduced construction waste and reduction in the time it takes to build the home. In addition, there is a reduction in transportation costs to and from the site, as well as overall reduction in noise and damage to the site itself. Building a home using prefabricated or modular techniques, when done correctly, can result in a more earth friendly home in all stages of the building process. The benefits to the new homeowner are equally impressive, as the newly built home boasts high-end luxury coupled with healthier building materials, better operating efficiency and overall cost efficiency.

In making high-end, “green prefab” homes a viable option, Michelle Kaufmann Studio furthers the belief that every person should be able to have a home that is “healthy, efficient and beautiful.” In making green home options accessible to more than just the elite few, she shows that it is possible to take a rather conventional idea, such as modular homes, and use creativity and innovation to take the idea further and deliver an outcome that could change the way homes are constructed. The idea of pre-assembly is becoming more popular thanks to the high visibility of the design and construction work of Michelle Kaufmann and has been featured by organizations as varied as the Sierra Club, the National Association of Home Builders, HGTV and the Museum of Science and Industry. She is also the author of "Prefab Green," a book detailing off-site green construction methods.

Having a design firm with experience in the techniques of prefabrication and modular building, as the practice is becoming more widespread, is more important than ever for the client that is looking for true quality and green materials. It can be difficult to distinguish between a high quality company and other companies. Because Michelle Kaufmann Studio has been working in this vein for several years, she is able to determine which solutions are the most sustainable, highest quality and most cost effective and only chooses to work with a select few contractors and only one modular home factory, Blazer Industries. In an industry with so many options and levels of quality, having a design partner that has solid knowledge and experience within the industry is invaluable for clients.

Currently, Michelle Kaufmann Studio is providing consulting, design and architectural services for single family homes, multi-family communities and eco-resorts in California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii and the Bahamas. For people that are interested in efficient green building options, Michelle Kaufmann Studio offers a modern solution that is focused on the health of the occupants and the health of the planet, including traditional construction methods with a green focus if necessary for the particular project. More than just prefab or modular building solutions, Michelle Kaufmann Studio can help future homeowners build a modern, efficient, beautiful home that redefines the notion of what a high-end home can be.

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