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January 20, 2018 / 5:49 am EST


Mickey Muennig Designs
Mickey Muennig DesignsJan 25, 2010
Organic Architecture in Luxurious Big Sur

For nearly 40 years, Mickey Muennig has created architectural masterpieces within the majestic mountains of Big Sur.  The 90-mile stretch of pristine California coastline known as Big Sur is home to a diverse population of rare and endangered plants and animals.   Big Sur is also one of the few places in the US that hasn’t experienced the effects of industrialization.

The Big Sur Coastal Land Use Plan strictly governs development in this virtually untouched region of the Pacific coast; a stringent policy that requires archeological and geological reviews before building can begin.  Muennig’s unique architectural style is ideal for the region.

Rather than building on the land, Mickey Muennig builds with it.  His homes often become part of the steep cliff sides, partially hidden underground with blossoming green roofs disguising their interior luxury.  Muennig enjoys using intriguing shapes and innovative materials.  His creations feature spirals, domes, and eclectic furnishings formed out of stone, sod, local redwoods, and reclaimed supplies. 

Environmental Benefits of Muennig’s Big Sur Homes

While the year-round climate in Big Sur is nearly perfect, the region is prone to excessively high winds and frequent fires.  Munnig’s thick sod roofs and underground designs protect his homes from both, while also decreasing the need for energy consumption by keeping a constant comfortable temperature. 

Mickey Muennig typically includes solar panels in his designs with a propane-powered backup system.  Artesian wells provide water for the residents, while tankless water heaters offer on-demand hot water to save energy.  Natural materials including concrete, wood, and glass, combine with minimalist use of furnishings and décor to produce an astonishingly luxurious, low-impact home. 

Mickey Muennig’s Projects

The Big Sur Architect has designed and created more than 30 intriguing structures along the California coast, including year-round homes, vacation residences, art galleries, and music studios.  The romantic and eco-friendly Post Ranch Inn [] is perhaps the most renowned Muennig design. The inn and spa boasts 40 guest rooms, as well as spacious house rentals and primitive, yet luxurious tree house accommodations. 

The Cooper Point House is one of Muennig’s most recent designs.  Built on 100-acres, the 2,745 square-feet dwelling is barely visible but offers expansive views of the countryside.  The home’s green roof supports 20 species of native grass and wildflowers while providing a natural habitat to the endangered Smith’s Blue Butterfly.

Mickey Muennig works closely with other environmentally conscious Big Sur contractors to ensure that each of his projects provides the owners with a low-impact, unique experience.  For more information, visit the Big Sur architect website. 



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