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November 21, 2017 / 10:27 am EST


Moss Design
Moss DesignMay 5, 2015
Connect, Conserve, Construct

Finding a company for your building design needs that has an exceptional work ethic and stunning designs can be hard in and of itself. Finding a company that has those things and is eco-conscious as well can be even more difficult. The good news is, you need look no further than Moss Design.

Moss Design is a based in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. They assist you in every process you need to build a building, from the beginning architectural and design stages, all the way through the permitting and construction stage. From start the finish, they help you get the modern, fresh building you want all while being aware of the impact that the process and the resulting building may have on the earth.

There also are no limits to the kinds of buildings that Moss can help you with. They’ve done everything from residential homes to commercial building, breweries, wineries, retail buildings, and urban planning. They also do restaurants, and even custom furniture! All the while keeping sustainability in the forefront of every project they take on.

Moss is committed to taking every step possible to minimize the effect of your building on the environment. One of the ways they do this is by ensuring that their projects last, so they don’t require precious resources to replace or update them. They use modern, timeless designs and quality construction to keep their buildings as solid and sturdy as possible for years to come.

One of the reasons Moss has grown into the sustainable, green building company that it is today has a lot to do with its roots. Moss Design was founded by architect Matt Nardella, a man with decades of sustainable building experience, and co-founded by Laura Cripe, who is a permaculturist with 18 years of building management, development and marketing communications experience. Cripe is also an urban farmer and Nardella is a Treekeeper for the 47th Ward Green Council Openlands Project.

This experience is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the expertise that the growing team of Moss designers, architects and designers bring to each project. They each have a special niche that makes them valuable to the team and a great collection of knowledge for your building project.

Part of the reason that Moss Design succeeds is because they work with nature instead of trying to fight against or eliminate it. Moss designs are a flowing, intertwining combination of customer’s needs, beautiful design and a comfortable, functional environment that is cost-effective and conscientious. Moss will do it’s best to preserve history whenever possible should that be a part of your project.

Natural light and air, as well as a connection to the surrounding environment are prominent features of Moss Design. They use sustainable materials that can blend with the landscape, making the building aesthetically pleasing to those in it, without being disruptive to the surrounding landscape. They strive for an arrangement that benefits both the building’s purpose and the environment.

Symbiosis is the key to Moss Design, where they are committed to creating site specific, energy efficient and long-term sustainable architecture that doesn’t pollute or suppress natural surroundings.  Flowing with the existing area is key in their designs.

Permaculture plays heavily into Moss Design. Permaculture changes the landscape in such a way that it suits human use while simultaneously benefiting the eco-system. Moss Design develop landscapes that incorporate native species of plants that promote sustainability for future generations, as well as recycling waste (if possible) that the building or its inhabitants generate. Being a good steward of the earth is very important to Moss Design.

They will advise you on what cost-efficient and environmentally sound energy sources are a good fit for your building, such as geothermal power, solar power and wind power.

Materials that have been salvaged, upcycled or reclaimed will be used whenever possible without sacrificing the integrity of the building, another way to lower your costs as well as the cost to the planet.

Moss Design is a unique company that goes the extra mile to protect the environment, your costs, while also giving you a unique, modern design that will last for generations.


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