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December 16, 2017 / 9:18 pm EST


OrganicARCHITECTApr 16, 2012
A Green Building is a Better Building

Green and sustainable home design is all the rage. However, "green" sometimes seems to be a buzz word that every designer, contractor or builder throws around. For the true champions of innovative eco-friendly building, green isn't just a passing fad or a way to please eco-conscious clients, it is a deep and long held belief that the future of building itself will be organic, eco-conscious and sustainable.  The reason is that we can't afford not to. OrganicARCHITECT, a San Francisco firm that designs green buildings and provides consulting services, has been designing award-winning green buildings for 20 years. Their organic designs are helping to turn the tide against thoughtless building practices, one client at a time.

Eric Corey Freed, founder of OrganicARCHITECT and author of "Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies" says, "The way we've been building is irresponsible. A green building is a better building. In truth we can't afford NOT to make every building a green building. Given the immense impact that buildings have on our environment, the sooner we get there, the better." From a very young age, Eric Corey Freed knew he wanted to be an architect and found himself drawn to organic architecture, first conceptualized by Frank Lloyd Wright. With extensive training in architecture through studies at Temple University, travels in Rome, and working with well-known names in the world of architecture, Eric went on to open his own firm in 1997. He has since become a popular conference speaker, author and supporter of ecological design publications and organizations, in addition to designing award-winning residential and commercial architectural projects.

The basis of the organic architecture philosophy is nature itself. The closer to nature a building is, the greener it can be and the better it will be for the environment. For hundreds of years, buildings and homes have been built on the land, with little thought or planning given to integrating the home into the surroundings. A home in Pennsylvania has vastly different needs than a home in New Mexico, yet historically they have been built in the same manner. It's this adaptive planning that is most important for both the environment and the people that will occupy the building. At OrganicARCHITECT, clients work extensively with Eric to uncover how they will live or work within a building and which design ideas and solutions resonate most for them. In this way, each building is unique to the owner, to the build site, and to the function of how it will be used.

There are several important considerations OrganicARCHITECT makes when designing a space that ultimately work best for the client, make the best use of the land, are extremely cost effective, and provide lasting benefits to the planet. Clients who consult with OrganicARCHITECT will themselves become well-versed in green building concepts, materials and benefits as a result of their relationship with the firm. In doing so, they are now armed with the knowledge of the type of home that will best suit their needs, fit their budget, and place the least amount of burden on the environment. Concepts such as using prefabricated or modular pieces, using biomimicry to build based on the designs found in nature, selecting better materials, and using the resources provided by nature-such as incorporating sunlight and reusing water to reduce costs and improve efficiency-are all important.

Clients interested in OrganicARCHITECT may wonder what benefits these important building concepts will provide to them as they live in their home or work in their school or office. For all organically designed buildings, a steep cut in energy and water use is high on the list. Since green thinking is integrated into a project from the very beginning, it becomes apparent that using the best materials and carefully planning which way the building faces, where rooms are located within the building, and how the land and climate will influence the design matters. In taking care to approach design in this manner, clients often see drastically lowered operating costs, increased efficiency and an overall healthier living space than traditionally built homes.

In the end, whether you are looking for green solutions or want to find a knowledgeable green expert to help you design your space from the very beginning, OrganicARCHITECT can work with you to design a home, school or business that is beautiful, sustainable and innovatively green...truly a building for the future.

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