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December 16, 2017 / 9:19 pm EST


Body of Grace
Body of GraceJun 10, 2010
Organic and Eco-Friendly Body Products

If you’re looking for “eco-conscious products that honor the body, soul, and earth,” then look no further.  Body of Grace provides more than 12,000 products to absolutely pamper your mind and body without causing further damage to our planet.

About the Company:

Body of Grace places an importance on products that are environmentally responsible, cruelty-free, and that contain natural and organic ingredients.  By carrying lines that focus on natural health and that have not contributed to waste or damage to the planet, Body of Grace is helping individuals obtain products that are luxurious and pampering but also which promote eco-consciousness.

With more than 12,000 products, the company makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for – whether it’s a silky lotion with all-natural ingredients or a shower gel that contains no harsh chemicals or additives.  Most products are shipped the next day and shipping is available worldwide.  Just some of the healing traditions these products are based on include Ayurveda, Native American, Mayan and Chinese.

Eco-Friendly Products:

One of the benefits of shopping with Body of Grace is that the advantages of each product are outlined on the product pages.  Not only can customers obtain the wonderful and natural eco-friendly body products, but they become educated on what those products can help with and how wonderful they are. For instance, customers who are looking for the LifeTree Citrus Fresh dish soap will learn briefly about the company and its practices before finding a list of available products.

Similarly, those looking for eco-friendly moisturizers will find that Alba Botanica provides a Very Emollient body lotion, and that each Alba Botanica product is cruelty-free and non-comedogenic.  It’s a very beneficial way of shopping, allowing customers to find precisely what they need.  A few other great products carried by Body of Grace include:

* Aura Cacia Lavendar Harvest Aromatherapy Bubble Bath

* Kiss My Face Orange Mint Breath Blast Mouth Care

* Ancient Secrets Dead Sea Mud Masque

These are only a few of the thousands of products available.  Stop by and check out the wide range of eco-friendly body products that will rejuvenate, replenish, and refresh your skin, hair, nails and every part of your body. Luxurious pampering that’s eco-friendly – you just can’t get much better than that!

By Samantha Cummings

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