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December 16, 2017 / 9:03 pm EST


Eco-Friendly Cosmetics
Eco-Friendly Cosmetics Jan 12, 2010
For when you absolutely must have it!

Not too long ago, most people thought that being eco-friendly came with a lot of sacrifices – beauty being one of them.  Since then, many companies have stepped up and started creating more eco-friendly products so that there’s no sacrifice at all.  In fact, you’re perfectly able to bask luxuriously in the finest cosmetics and still be environmentally conscious.  Let’s take a look at 5 eco-friendly cosmetics must-haves.

1. Peace Keeper Nail Paint – This fingernail polish has been rated by the Environmental Working Group as the safest paint-based fingernail polish available.  With nine delicious colors to choose from (including Paint Me Forgiving and Paint Me Grateful), you can match your nails to your favorite seasons, ensembles or jewelry.  You can check out the ingredients of the polish on the Peace Keeper website as well.

2. C is Smooth Yes to Carrots Body Lotion – This body lotion is made with organic carrot juice, organic pumpkin, organic melon and organic sweet potato.  It neutralizes free radicals and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.  It’s the perfect way to pamper your body without harming the environment – and it’s excellent for you. The ingredients for this product are also available on the maker’s website, and it’s one of the best organic cosmetics available.

3. Organic Clover Honey Lip Balm – Available from skinnyskinny, this lip balm is fantastic.  It’s amazing how many people apply lip balm all over the world without questioning what’s in the product.  With this one, you won’t have to.  This organic cosmetic made from 100% certified organic beeswax, avocado oil, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, calendula-infused extra-virgin olive oil, honey and essential oils.  This is a perfectly healthy and eco-friendly option for protecting and treating lips.

4. MOP Glistin Finish Spray – If you thought you couldn’t use hairspray, think again.  MOP (Modern Organic Products) has created this spray from wheat proteins, natural resins and UV inhibitors to create a great hold and all-day protection.  This is just one part of their extensive line of eco-friendly cosmetics, and should be in your vanity!

5. Ecco Bella Perfumes – Often, finishing off your ensemble and look is a spray of your favorite perfume.  Is it eco-friendly?  If not, you should check out Ecco Bella.  With a line of perfumes (lavender, lemon, ambrosia and vanilla) that are made from 100% organic essential oils from fruits, flowers, herbs and spices – Ecco Bella has hit a home run.  You’ll have a great time trying to decide which scent is your favorite.

With these 5 eco-friendly cosmetics, you won’t have to compromise a single thing to be environmentally-conscious in your beauty routine.




By Samantha Cummings


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