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December 16, 2017 / 9:21 pm EST


Afterglow Cosmetics
Afterglow CosmeticsApr 16, 2013
Feel the Afterglow of Natural Mineral Cosmetics

For most women, putting on makeup is part of their daily routine. Whether worn to enhance certain features, bring about a healthy glow, or mask a perceived imperfection, for many the makeup is as important as the shoes we slip on our feet, or the outfit we put on. Many women have their preferred brands, styles, and colors of makeup. Yet the combination of chemicals, dyes, preservatives, and fillers in many commercial makeup products leave a large percentage of women suffering skin irritation or giving up on makeup all together. Even when products claim to be all-natural, mineral, or safe for sensitive skin, they still contain ingredients that could be harmful. If you are searching for makeup products that are safe for your sensitive skin, or if you are simply ready to get rid of those chemical-based products in favor of something more natural and healthy, Afterglow Cosmetics has the beautiful, colorful, healthy cosmetics you're looking for.

Afterglow Cosmetics founder Kristin Adams always loved the way makeup could transform a person's face. Trained as an artist, with experience working in fine art galleries, Kristin understood the use of color and texture, and how these principles could enhance a woman's appearance and allow her to express herself with the use of makeup. However, growing up in a family that experienced a range of sensitivities, Kristin began to explore how the ingredients in makeup can affect the skin. Searching for the ideal line of cosmetics left her frustrated, as even the all-natural or mineral makeup lines contained ingredients such as chemicals, parabens, or a known skin irritant, bismuth oxychloride. Using her knowledge of color, and drawing on her sister's and mother's experience with chemical engineering and nutrition, respectively, Kristin began to develop her own line of cosmetics. In 2004, she created Afterglow Cosmetics. Her mission was to create cosmetic products that were natural, organic, safe and in a full range of colors.

Searching for a makeup that will be safe for your sensitive or allergy-prone skin? Concerned with the amount of harmful ingredients you are exposing yourself to every day? Afterglow Cosmetics products are made to enhance your natural beauty without doing harm to your health. The biggest names in cosmetics will claim that the trace amounts of ingredients such as parabens, talc, dyes, or synthetics aren't enough to harm your health, but research shows that continued exposure to small amounts of these harmful substances over time can affect your health. For example, parabens are preservatives found in many health and beauty products that are thought to be carcinogens and bismuth oxychloride is considered a heavy metal.In fact, there are over 125 ingredients in cosmetics that may cause cancer or birth defects!  Even products labeled "organic," "natural," or "hypo-allergenic" are not completely safe.

Switching to cosmetic products from Afterglow Cosmetics is an easy way to ensure you are buying safe, healthy makeup products that are also fun, beautiful, and colorful. Afterglow has all the products you love, without any of the worry. In fact, if you have sensitive skin, skin conditions such a rosacea, a gluten intolerance, or sensitivity to fragrances, Afterglow's line of lip, eye, face, and body products will have you excited about wearing makeup again. Instead of causing your skin to itch or break out, the natural ingredients in Afterglow sooth and enhance your skin. The company also offers vegan cosmetics, organic makeup tools, and a certified gluten-free makeup line.

Protecting the health of their customers is important to Afterglow Cosmetics, and so is protecting the health of the environment. Their formulas are never tested on animals, are packaged in sustainable packaging materials such as recyclable plastic and aluminum, and are printed with soy inks when possible. The company is actively reducing their carbon footprint, partnering with The Conservation Fund as a participant of its Go Zero program. Customers can donate to the Go Zero program when purchasing Afterglow Cosmetics products, and the company will match each donation. This program is dedicated to helping offset CO2 emissions, restoring habitats, planting trees, and addressing climate change. Does your makeup brand do all this? Chances are, the answer is no! Afterglow Cosmetics are the healthy makeup products that help create a beautiful planet and a beautiful you!


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