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December 16, 2017 / 9:00 pm EST


Greenbody Greenplanet
Greenbody GreenplanetFeb 13, 2013
Be an Environmental Superhero (With Fabulous Hair!)

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to find a truly safe yet effective shampoo and conditioner? Maybe the shampoo you tried that was good for the environment didn't make your hair feel clean, or you had to use too much in order for it to work. Or the conditioner didn't untangle your hair and you had to spend extra time combing it out. Yet you know the products you find on store shelves, or even in salons, contain ingredients that make you uneasy. What is in that long list of ingredients with chemical-sounding names? Are they safe for us, our family, or the environment?

These were questions that Lorri Weisen faced head-on in 2006 after she and her husband learned that his non-Hodgkins lymphoma had returned, after being in remission for several years. The devastating news caused Lorri to reassess the things that she was doing in her daily life, since the type of cancer her husband was fighting is an environmental cancer. As she wondered about the amount of chemicals and toxins both she and her husband were exposed to daily, she came across a book that would set her on a new path. The information she learned inspired her to do good for not only herself and her family, but all the people she served as the owner of a hair salon, and in doing so, she is able to help protect the environment as well!

The book that Lorri read was an exposé of the toxins and chemicals found in almost every type and brand of beauty and personal care product we use. As the owner of a hair salon, this new knowledge hit Lorri hard because she felt a responsibility to only provide her customers with products she herself would use. After reading the book and taking a look at the products in her salon, she realized she wasn't comfortable using any of them! Researching the existing hair products available was no help either, because none of the products she studied met her high standards: the product had to work as promised, be toxin and chemical-free, lather up like it should, be organic, and be safe and nourishing. After coming to the disappointing realization that the product she was seeking didn't exist, she decided to create it herself, and her company, Greenbody Greenplanet, was born.

The mission of her new company was a simple one: to create green hair products that work. Says Lorri, “At Greenbody Greenplanet, we want you to look beautiful AND save the planet. The days of sacrificing beautiful hair in an effort to be “green” are over. Every time you shower you can take comfort in the fact that that our ingredients are nourishing your body – not contributing to its toxic burden. And that goes for the Earth as well! It’s sort of like being a Super Hero for the planet, except you never have to leave your shower.” As Lorri was creating her company and the products she would make, she made sure only the best, safest ingredients were used. She located a manufacturer who understood her vision, and was willing to help her create a product that only used organic extracts and oils without any of the chemicals found in most hair care products, such as Parabens and Sulfates.

From growing the ingredients to delivering the product, every step of production for Greenbody Greenplanet's shampoos and conditioners is as green and sustainable as possible. It starts with the seeds used to grow the ingredients, which are certified organic and planted at certified farms that don't use genetically modified organisms (GMO's). Once the plants are harvested, they are sent to the manufacturer in trucks that are free of chemicals in the truck bed to a facility that has more than 60 certifications, in order to be extracted, blended, and bottled. During the blending and bottling process, there are no added silicones, alcohols, chemicals, or anything synthetic. Greenbody Greenplanet's formulations are truly pure and plant-based. Even the packaging and labels are eco-friendly!

Greenbody Greenplanet shampoos and conditioners are available in Energy, Revitalizing or Unscented formulas. The Energy formula adds fullness and body to your hair with organic ingredients like grapefruit seed and chamomile. Revitalizing your hair is easy with Greenbody Greenplanet's cleansing and nourishing formula, containing bush kakudu plum extract and rosehip to help bring life back to hair that is dry or brittle. The Energy conditioner will give you volume and shine with jojoba and almond (and will smell delicious!), while the Revitalizing conditioner hydrates hair with organic oils. The Unscented formulas offer the same amazing cleansing and conditioning for people who suffer from conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, or chemical sensitivities. All of the ingredients for each Greenbody Greenplanet product are listed on the website, so you will know exactly what is in the shampoo or conditioner you are buying.

Can you save the world from your shower? With Greenbody Greenplanet's shampoos and conditioners, you can help the planet and have beautiful hair while you do it!


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