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December 16, 2017 / 9:04 pm EST


JurliqueDec 3, 2012
Beautiful Skin Doesn't Start in a Lab

Glowing, healthy skin is the focus of Jurlique's natural skin and body products, and the approach the company takes to making their product lines may take many by surprise. When most people think about innovation and the latest technology, experimentation in a laboratory might come to mind. Jurlique produces innovative and technologically advanced beauty and skin care products, no lab required. Instead, the ingredients for Jurlique products come from the rolling hills of a 153-acre farm in Adelaide Hills, Australia. It is this philosophy of beauty being a combination of science and nature that makes Jurlique products stand apart from the chemically based, synthetic beauty and skin care products many of us are used to.

Jurlique has been perfecting their approach to skin care since 1985, when the company's founders began looking for the richest, cleanest earth they could find to begin their "biodynamic" farm, with the philosophy that pure skin care can't be manufactured. The perfect location for their new farm turned out to be a beautiful piece of land in Southern Australia, and soon Jurlique was growing the plants, herbs and flowers that became the basis for the Jurlique skin care products.

Jurlique is the only Australian beauty brand to have their own certified biodynamic farm, with certification coming from the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA). Biodynamic farming provides all the benefits of organic farming, while also completely foregoing chemicals and adhering to biological practices which include soil enrichment and regeneration. Jurlique's farming practices of tending, picking and sorting crops by hand allow them to be completely attuned to the rhythms of nature and to harvest according to the natural cycles of the land.

Because Jurlique formulates their body and skin care products using the ingredients grown and harvested on their own farm, it allows them complete control over the natural and organic ingredients that form the basis of each product they create. Through a special process the company refers to as "bio-intrinsic," they draw out potent elements from the plants, flowers and herbs, isolate the ones they want to use, intensify them and then reformulate them for maximum skin benefits. In approaching the production of skin care products in this manner, they show that harsh chemical formulas are not necessary when creating effective skin care products.

No matter what skin care needs you might have, Jurlique's natural formulations have a solution that allows for customization to your specific skin care issues. All Jurlique products are created to address the causes of skin issues while also enhancing your skin's radiance and health. The products provide benefits to all people, regardless of age or skin type, whether you need to address dryness, age prevention, skin repair, correct uneven tones, control oil or if you have sensitive skin. Your entire skin care routine, from cleansing to exfoliating to toning to moisturizing can be done naturally and effectively, using products that feel luxurious and smell fantastic. Jurlique's four signature scents are rose, lavender, citrus and jasmine. 

In order to have truly healthy skin, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients and chemicals found in the products you allow to come into contact with your own and your family's skin. With Jurlique products, there is no worry, since the Jurlique skin care items are natural, organic and completely free of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. In fact, Jurlique commits to having 95% natural ingredients in all their products. Jurlique produces a potent and carefully formulated line of body and skin care products that your whole family can use. Once you try Jurlique, you'll see that the proof is in how your skin looks and feels.


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