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December 16, 2017 / 9:05 pm EST


Olive Natural Beauty
Olive Natural Beauty May 25, 2013
Discover the Skincare Secret of Italian Women

Did you know that olive oil has been helping people enjoy smooth, hydrated, youthful-looking skin for almost five thousand years? Most people know about the benefits of using extra virgin olive oil for cooking, but it’s all the natural benefits of olive oil as a skin care ingredient that provides the basis for Olive Natural Beauty products. Not only are the products in this skin care collection handmade in small batches in the kitchen of founder Jess Lauren, but all of the ingredients are natural, organic, safe, and healthy for every type of skin. If you are concerned about the ingredients you are putting on your body’s largest organ, Olive Natural Beauty products can set your mind to rest and give you the smoothest, healthiest skin imaginable.

Olive Natural Beauty founder Jess Lauren grew up with an Italian mother and grandmother who used olive oil extensively, both for cooking and to keep their skin looking young and vibrant. Jess had also spent years dealing with sensitive skin that reacted unfavorably to the chemicals, preservatives, and synthetics found in many popular (and expensive) skin care brands. As the manager of a Boston-based Apothecary, she was familiar with popular body products, but felt disappointed in the heavy use of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients. She wanted to fill the void of healthy, affordable skin care items. Using the best all-natural ingredients, and her own kitchen, she began experimenting with the most beneficial ingredient she knew of-olive oil-and came up with her own skin care products that were organic, eco-friendly, and effective.

Body scrubs, moisturizers, lip balms, bar soap, body spray: these are all items that Jess Lauren created for her new skin care line-in small batches made by hand! There’s a big difference between Jess’s formulas and those from other brands: the products from Olive Natural Beauty only contain natural ingredients selected for their ability to give you healthy skin without the chemicals, preservatives, parabens, and synthetic ingredients. Additionally, Jess packages her items in recyclable packaging, and makes an effort to use ingredients that are Fair Trade and organically certified. Olive Natural beauty products are also never tested on animals, and the honey and beeswax are cruelty free.

Olive Natural Beauty’s ingredients are carefully chosen from the best suppliers, for their specific skin benefits, and for their healthy qualities. Of course, olive oil is the most important ingredient, and Lauren makes sure only the best olive oil goes into her products. The company uses only 100% organic extra virgin olive oil from carefully selected companies and groves within the United States. The benefits of olive oil as a skin care treatment are many, thanks to its moisturizing properties and the abundance of vitamins. Applying olive oil topically helps to smooth the complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Olive oil can also aid in fighting against damaging free radicals and can help skin become more elastic.

Other ingredients used in Olive Natural Beauty products are organic, natural, and carefully selected, too. Beeswax for healthier candles, cocoa butter chosen for its abundance of antioxidants, Dead Sea salt to improve skin health, and flowers or essential oils for fragrance-rather than the mysterious chemicals used to fragrance many other products. It’s the inclusion of natural ingredients like these that sets Olive Natural Beauty’s soaps, scrubs, sprays, and soothers apart from other skin care products. Rather than relying on chemicals, synthetics or additives, many of which are banned in other countries, to create the formulas, founder Jess Lauren instead relies on safe, healthy ingredients that won’t cause reactions, dryness, or sensitivities. It’s important to Lauren because, as the body’s largest organ, the skin absorbs what is placed on it, and oftentimes products contain chemicals or even known carcinogens that can wreak havoc on both your skin and your health. In her quest to create a product that was safe and affordable, she created a line of products that will help you feel better, reduce your exposure to harmful substances, and give you glowing, beautiful skin!


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