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December 16, 2017 / 9:02 pm EST


Priti NYC
Priti NYCSep 22, 2013
Paint a Pretty Picture with Eco-Friendly Polishes

Any fashion conscious girl knows that it’s the little details that can make or break an outfit. A well-placed accessory or just the right shoe can add that little spark that takes a look from flat to fabulous. Another little detail that can show you're up on the most modern trends is the colors on your finger and toe nails. They can change to reflect the season, your mood, your outfit, or can be as demure or bold as you please. No matter how much you love your mani and pedi's, there's always the worry, for true eco-conscious fashionistas, about what's in those nail products. With Priti NYC eco-friendly nail products, you can flaunt your nail fashion sense without compromising your health or green values.

Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients in most nail polishes or removers? It's a laundry list of things you would never put on your body otherwise! Formaldehyde, chemical toxins like DBP and toluene, ethyl acetate, fragrances, dyes, and more all coexist in many of those pretty bottles we pass on the shelves. You know a natural look can work with trimmed and buffed nails, but if there's only so long you can go without adding a little nail color to your life, there's good news. Kim D'amato was in the same boat you're in: she was concerned about what went into and on her body, especially during her first pregnancy. In 2005, she launched her eco-friendly nail polish company, Priti NYC, as a solution to her dilemma and that of beauty product lovers everywhere.

Priti NYC quickly became known for their luxury polish, and have even been worn on the runway during some of the hottest fashion shows around. Because the polish is eco-friendly and colorful, a combination that was rare before the company made its debut, the fashion and beauty world couldn't get enough of the healthy and beautiful shades offered by Priti NYC. Since 2005, the company has sponsored New York & Miami Fashion Week, and Priti also created custom blended shades for some of the world's hottest designers: Mizrahi, Hilfiger, Issa, Danna Karan and more.

What sets Priti NYC apart from the rest of the polish pack is their unique combination of a vast rainbow of shades coupled with eco-friendly and healthy ingredients that stick. Unlike other green polishes that may not stay put, or are only available in a handful of muted shades, Priti NYC allows you to go as bold or as subtle as you please with polishes that are resistant to chipping, quick drying, glossy and, most important, will stay put. The full range of color choices from Priti NYC include rich dark shades, subtle nude colors, shiny metallics, neon shades, and every hue in between. There's even smaller 8ml bottles in the Priti Princess collection for girls designed by Kim's daughter, Siena, which are perfect for little sparkly princesses.

In addition to offering over 100 nail polish shades, Priti NYC has also greened the nail accessories you need to take care of your nails the eco-friendly way. Use the recycled glass nail file to shape your nails, and the soy polish remover to remove your color when you change your mind. Priti's polish remover was developed by the company and is unmatched by any other remover product. The formula contains no toxins or carcinogens - like acetone, alcohol, or acetates - and is also biodegradable, plus it comes in a recyclable bottle. Ingredients include natural substances like soybean ester and essential oil.

A Priti NYC spokesperson sums up the company’s green highlights best by saying, “Priti NYC polishes are 5 free and non-toxic so are perfectly safe on children and moms-to-be.  Available in over 100 fashion forward colors, our formula is very moisturizing and helps rebuild natural nail strength.  Our Priti NYC soy nail polish remover and wipes are completely natural, 100% non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and just soy!  Treat yourself with Priti NYC, nourish your nails and love the Earth!”

When you put your best foot forward fashion-wise, don't be embarrassed by a less-than-dressed toe, or faulty fingernails. You can have the gorgeous and glam nails the runway models wear, all in a formulation that is healthy for you, your little aspiring fashionista princess, and our "Priti" planet!


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