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December 16, 2017 / 9:04 pm EST


Eco-Friendly Soaps and Organic Body Scrubs
Eco-Friendly Soaps and Organic Body ScrubsFeb 23, 2010
Live the Luxury

Eco-friendly soaps and bathing products are widely available these days, but some of the best (and most creative) organic and natural soap selections that we’ve found are from the crafty folks at Etsy.  From exotic flavors to stunning colors and textures, Etsy’s eco-conscious soapmakers offer an exciting variety of rich creams, scrubs, and bars that are as good for the earth as they are for your skin!

Yummy Suds

Luscious chocolate, sensual berries, and soothing honey are just a few of the handmade natural soap varieties you’ll find from Melbourne Beach soapmaker, Yummy Suds.  Vegetable-based ingredients and essential oils combine to create delicious soaps, shower gels, and lotions that ‘smell good enough to eat’. 

Every Yummy Suds order includes free samples and orders of $60 or more qualify for free shipping in the US. 

Mirasol Farm

With 8 years of soapmaking experience, Mirasol Farm’s organic soaps and lotions feature an assortment of soothing, locally sourced ingredients that pamper your skin without harming the planet.  Organic sunflower oil, packed with Vitamin E, is the main ingredient in most of Mirasol Farm’s body products, including tea tree peppermint foot lotion, herbal lip balms, and fragrant lavender soaps. 

Mirasol Farm is continuously adding new products to their extensive selection – organic doggie shampoo will be added soon – and also offers a scrumptious line of jams and marmalades, handmade from organic berries. 

Alchemic Muse

Refreshing and rejuvenating are the key qualities of the natural soaps and sugar polishes that are handmade by Alchemic Muse.  Rich oils and butters, lush essential oils and fragrances, and high-quality minerals combine to create soothing, indulgent spa products.  Choose from lavender and vanilla, accented with decadent chocolate in the Midnight variety or the sweet small of cranberries and citrus in the limited edition Winterberry soap.

Alchemic Muse offers a unique line of intriguing, handcrafted soaps and scrubs, including seasonal limited edition products.  All products are packaged in eco-friendly, recycled plastic containers.

Boh Bon Soap Company

Simple pleasures are a specialty at Boh Bon Soap Company.  Ginger, lavender, and citrus create soothing natural soaps that are gentle, refreshing, and pure.  Boh Bon soaps are infused with creamy cocoa butter and lush coconut and palm oils for a rich, luxurious lather.  Be sure to check out the nourishing Baby Love bar, made especially for delicate infant skin with soothing chamomile, and the unique Kitchen Soap that naturally removes strong kitchen odors with bold ground espresso.

























































































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