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December 16, 2017 / 9:06 pm EST


Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System
Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning SystemJun 12, 2012
Offers Safe, Effective Tanning

We all know by now that tanning is a dangerous beauty regimen. News reports have long highlighted the dangers of tanning in the sun, and recently brought new information on the dangers of indoor tanning beds. However, most of us feel better with a nice, healthy glow. What if there was a way to achieve this look in your own home using a convenient system that was completely safe for your health? Now there is, thanks to the Tropic Spa Home Mist tanning system available from Tropic Spa, Inc. With this innovative unit, which delivers full body coverage in 12 seconds and a tan that develops in 5-8 hours, you can have the natural looking, sun-kissed glow you want without harming your skin or your health.

The Tropic Spa system is a full kit, delivered to your home, that contains all you will need for ten full body tans. The unit itself is made of durable plastic and is slim and unobtrusive. In fact, it can be hung on any door for ease of use and creates little to no over spray. Simply attach it to the back of a door, use the supplied pre wipes and head and foot covers, and listen for the beeps from the unit to determine when to turn for a quick and easy tan. The kit includes the Tropic Spa tanning solution, which comes in a cosmetic pouch housed in an aerosol can that is placed in the unit and sprays out of the specially designed, non-clogging nozzles. The solution itself is clear, and after your tan develops, should last for 5-8 days with proper skin care.

Tropic Spa, Inc. is headed by John Marmora and Gerry Racicot, who both bring years of experience in business and product development. Mr. Marmora has owned and operated several entertainment-industry focused businesses, including one that produced award winning television and radio jingles. He was also the head of a music company that negotiated million dollar recording contracts with major record companies. Mr. Racicot has experience in international business, having founded or directed over thirty companies. The combination of talented leadership and product focus within Tropic Spa Inc. means that customers can expect to receive a quality product that will fulfill your expectations, all at a competitive price.

In order to fulfill that promise to their customers, Tropic Spa, Inc. offers an exclusive deal to anyone interested in the Tropic Spa Home Mist tanning system. Customers can try the unit free for thirty days in their own homes. After 30 days, the company offers the option to pay for the unit in four monthly installments. Customers who wish to pay in full will receive a special discount of $50 off the regular retail price. The package you receive includes the unit, 10 full body tans, head and foot covers, exfoliating gloves, a helpful DVD, a one year warranty, and a manual.

Achieving that healthy glow doesn't have to be dangerous or messy. You want to look good, but also protect your skin and protect the environment. The Tropic Spa system's environmentally friendly practices include using DHA, derived from sugar beets and sugar cane, as an ingredient in their formula. The company also uses 100% recyclable steel cans to hold the tanning formula. Even the gas used to pressurize the can is safe nitrogen. Having your own tanning unit that can be safely used in the comfort of your own home means that you don't have to worry about a fake, orange tan, and you don't need to expose yourself to harmful substances or UVA/UVB rays in order to have the bronzed glow you seek. The Tropic Spa Home Mist tanning system is the eco-friendly tanning alternative that can help you feel good while looking great!

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