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December 17, 2017 / 4:16 pm EST


Yüm Skin Care
Yüm Skin CareDec 23, 2011
Wisdom and Enlightenment for Your Skin

It used to be that all a man needed to care for his skin was a bar of soap and a shaving kit. Today, many companies carry lines of skin care products developed specifically for a man’s needs. Yüm Skin Care is no different in that it offers products made for men to care for their skin from head (shaving cream) to toe (foot gel). What sets Yüm Skin Care’s men’s products apart from the rest is their commitment to producing the most natural and fresh products available without excess processing or unnecessary ingredients. The skin care company, whose name is derived from the Tibetian symbol of wisdom and enlightenment, can help you care for your skin in a way that is great for the health of your skin and also great for the environment.

Why is it important for men to have their own specifically formulated skin care products? For one, while bar soap is convenient, it is not the best choice for your face and body. Most soap dries out skin and can cause it to feel tight or itchy. Also, according to Yüm, men have thicker, oilier skin than women that can look older if not taken care of properly. A lifetime of sun, food choices and lack of a proper skin care regimen can leave men’s skin looking aged and tired. Daily shaving adds to the problem because areas that are shaved frequently have a harder time repairing the skin and can also have ingrown hairs and shaving bumps.

The good news is, men don’t have to rely on products unsuitable for their skin any longer. Products from Yüm’s line that are formulated for men range from shaving  cream to body wash to sunblock. The best part about Yum’s products, besides the fact that they will make your skin look and feel great, is that they are natural and organic. You won’t find synthetics, artificial colors, or genetically engineered ingredients in Yüm’s products. In fact, the products are so fresh that they are packaged in recyclable boxes that help extend their shelf life without the use of chemical preservatives and should be stored in a cool, dark place. The ingredients Yüm uses are naturally derived, organic and produced in a way that is sustainable and supportive of fair trade agriculture.

The way Yüm produces their products is important to know for people who want a skin care product that is natural and eco-friendly. It is also important to know for people who want a great skin care product that will have a lasting and noticeable effect on your skin. The White Tea Body Wash will leave a pleasant fragrance on your clean, hydrated skin, while the SPF 50 Sunshield will help protect it from damaging rays. You can indulge in a just-for-men body lotion or help out your tired feet with the Juniper Berry Foot Gel. And don’t forget that important shaving ritual. Yüm has everything you need for a gentle, smooth shave without cuts or nicks and without doing any harm to the environment.

 Don’t be surprised if your skin begins to look brighter, smoother and more hydrated once you start using Yüm products. Others might begin to ask for the secret to your more youthful look. The philosophy behind Yüm is that a healthy body is in balance with nature and it’s no secret that putting natural, organic products on your skin will have the same effect as putting natural, organic food into your body.

To become enlightened and reap the benefits of Yüm’s Skin Care products, including their products for women, you can visit their website at :

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