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January 20, 2018 / 5:57 am EST


Ambrosia Lifestyle
Ambrosia LifestyleJan 14, 2013
A Healthy and Vibrant You is Possible

The start of the new year is a great time to reassess your health goals, or to make good on your commitment to better health. Ambrosia Lifestyle is a wellness company that can provide you with the support, training and knowledge needed to live a healthier, more balanced life, no matter what your fitness, nutrition, or wellness goals are. Founded by Liza Pitsirilos, a Yoga instructor, wellness consultant, and health educator, Ambrosia Lifestyle can help you design a customized plan for better health - based on a holistic assessment called the Wellness Inventory - which addresses the 12 different dimensions that make up your wellbeing. Through Yoga, life coaching, healing and educational services, Ambrosia can help you become the "you" you've always dreamed about.

Ambrosia Lifestyle is a comprehensive wellness company founded by Liza Pitsirilos, a former public school teacher who is passionate about helping people achieve their optimal health through a combination of holistic services and therapies. After earning her master's degree in education, Liza taught in the New York City public school system and was a part of a health education program led by Dr. Oz's HealthCorps. Liza is uniquely qualified to run a wellness consulting company because of her wealth of training and experience in many areas of health and well-being. In addition to being a certified Forrest Yoga™ teacher, Liza is also a Wellness Inventory Program Coordinator, Reiki and Cranio-Sacral practitioner and a nutritional educator. She facilitates specialized health empowerment workshops and programs both nationally and internationaly for target audiences as well as private and public organizations and corporations such as the internationally acclaimed Pritikin Longevity Center. Whatever area of health and well-being you want to focus on, Ambrosia Lifestyle has the tools you will need to become your best self.

Whether you are simply interested in taking more control of your own path to health and wellness, or if you have health or medical issues that you need to address, Ambrosia Lifestyle has programs and therapies that can be tailored to your personal situation. The first step a client takes is to complete the Wellness Inventory, which will give you insight to your current state of health and wellness and assist you and Ambrosia Lifestyle with mapping out an action plan. Once your plan is created, Ambrosia offers a variety of tools to assist you on your path, including a Wellness Journal, Wellness Centers, resources for long-term planning and growth, and access to coaching. Additionally, Ambrosia offers classes, workshops and therapies to assist you in reaching your goals.  Call (786) 529-HEAL (4325) or complete the form on their website to schedule a consultation, semi-private or private session.

For 2013, the focus at Ambrosia Lifestyle is on the newly available Experiential Wellness Packages. Together Liza and Lauren "LoLo" Evans, a certified wellness coach and educator, will help you on your path to greater balance, increased productivity, and inspired creativity with three new interactive and transformative packages, plus a customizable wellness program for organizations or teams.

-UNLEASH! is designed to help you gain quick personal insight into your own well-being with playful and interactive exercises with your group or team.

-The 2-day UNLEASH in RETREAT Package is a popular comprehensive program that can help you create more energy and transform your environment for growth and learning.

-METAMORPHISIZE is for groups who want to create lasting changes. This is accomplished through a year-long course sectioned into four seasons of learning that help you explore the four dimensions of well-being.  

The last package, the Customizable Wellness Program, offers a different approach to wellness for organizations or teams who are struggling with achieving their goals or focusing on their mission. After a consultation designed to help clarify your group's most important objectives, Liza or LoLo will design a customized program just for your group that includes 30 days to three months of follow up time to ensure that the program is working. 

Your path to total wellness is uniquely yours. Ambrosia Lifestyle's approach to creating a wellness plan individually tailored to the whole person or team can help you begin your journey today, no matter where you are in regards to health or emotional and spiritual well-being. The path to a healthier, more vital life is made easy with the tools, support and resources Ambrosia Lifestyle provides.

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