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January 20, 2018 / 5:58 am EST


Island Press
Island PressFeb 25, 2012
A Publisher Creating Positive Change

How does a small non-profit organization grow to become the leading publisher in the nation on environmental issues? For Island Press, founded in 1984, it begins with a catalog of over 800 titles focused on environmental issues and ideas, but it doesn't end there. Island Press also uses author events, online tools and a growing community of scientists, teachers, activists and policymakers to help spread the word that positive change is possible, doable and already happening. Through their popular catalog of titles on topics such as conservation, climate issues, sustainable agriculture and green building, Island Press reaches out to those who want to know the scope of the problems our world faces and use the knowledge gained to create environmental change on a local, national and global scale.


At its heart, Island Press is a publisher of books that are designed to be tools that help readers understand environmental issues. Once readers have gained this knowledge, Island Press becomes a gateway that leads readers to discover ways they can become problem solvers and change makers. As environmental issues have come to the forefront and technology has made learning and connecting even easier, Island Press has adapted to incorporate pod casts, blogs, social media and other online tools to reach a wider audience and create connections between the diverse groups of people who care about the environment. Through the Island Press website, people can download material, send information to friends and colleagues, and find workshops or lectures on relevant topics. In embracing the newest technology, Island Press is helping to create a community of educated, informed individuals who can work together to inspire and inform others, provide support and promote policies and legislation.


In addition to publishing 40 new titles a year and actively creating a community of informed environmental advocates, Island Press publishes books by authors at the forefront of the environmental arena. Categories of books available through Island Press range from Wildlife, Food and Agriculture, and Oceans to Green Building, Policy and Law, and Economics. Many Island Press books have won awards, including Independent Publisher Book of the Year awards, Benjamin Franklin awards, and Rachel Carson Environment Book awards. Island Press is also a distributor of books from the Environmental Law Institute Press.


As a non-profit, Island Press relies on donations, volunteers and support to accomplish the work of a publishing company, marketing agency and advocacy organization all rolled into one. Interested donors have several avenues available to them for making donations, including online, pledging, estate legacies and memorial gifts, and IRA fund gifts. Island Press uses donations to fund the program, administration tasks and fundraising. It’s the same principle that fuels the environmental causes Island Press publicizes: the more people are able to engage, contribute and support, the more positive change can be accomplished.

As a publisher, Island Press also accepts book proposals from authors writing about environmental issues or ideas. The publisher works with authors to develop and format their books, publish and disseminate them, and market and promote new titles. Their newest published titles include books on bottled water, China's quest for sustainability and the impact of fisheries on marine systems. No matter what the issue may be, if you are interested in learning about the latest research and possible solutions to today's most pressing environmental concerns, Island Press can provide you with the information, connections and experts to help you become environmentally informed, educated and empowered.

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