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January 20, 2018 / 5:58 am EST


New Society Publishers
New Society Publishers Jun 24, 2010
Changing the Future One Page at a Time

If you’re searching for more eco-friendly summer reading material, look no further than New Society Publishers.  Not only will you find the latest books on everything from responsible business practices to eco-conscious parenting, but you can also feel good about turning pages that protect the environment, preserve trees, and benefit the population. 


The New Society Difference

A number of publishing companies produce ecologically and socially responsible books, but not all of these publishers are willing to ‘walk the talk’.  New Society is committed to improving the planet and society by not only educating through their publications, but by also actively practicing those principles. 

-       Since 2001, New Society books have been published on acid-free, 100% post consumer recycled FSC certified paper using plant-based ink.

-       New Society became the first carbon neutral North American publisher in 2005.

-       Locally made PCF recycled paper is used for all office needs and company recycling programs reduce company waste.

-       A portion of profits is regularly donated to local food shelters.

-       Books are frequently donated to charitable fundraising efforts, as well as local prisons. 

New Release Sneak Peak

New Society Publishers offers an extensive list of eco-friendly books on a variety of topics, such as sustainability, health and wellness, green building, community involvement, and more.  Recent and upcoming publications that you may enjoy include:  

Green Transportation Basics by Dan Chiras

A comprehensive guide to a variety of green transport technologies ranging from vegetable oil to natural gas, as well as tips and tricks to make your traditional vehicle more eco-friendly  (available September, 2010).  

Winter Harvest Cookbook by Lane Morgan

Over 200 recipes that feature garden fresh ingredients available during winter, such as pot roast with hazelnut barley and penne with arugula, kale, and goat cheese (available November, 2010).

Choosing a Sustainable Future by Liz Walker

A personal account of life in Ithaca, NY and an exploration of the sustainable practices adopted by the community to create a gratifying village that protects the environment, the economy, and the people (available February, 2011).

How to Buy

New Society Publisher’s books can typically be found at your favorite bookstore, including both online and offline retailers as well as many independent booksellers.  You can also order directly from New Society, via fax, phone, mail, email, or conveniently shop for eco-friendly books on the New Society Publishers website

By Danielle Bullard


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