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January 20, 2018 / 5:57 am EST


New World Library
New World LibraryJun 3, 2014
Books That Transform People and Planet

The popular saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s often words that have the power to change lives. For more than 35 years, New World Library has been a publisher that proves the power of books to inspire, motivate, and teach. With a backlist of over 500 titles from popular authors such as Eckhart Tolle, Mother Teresa, Deepak Chopra, and Joseph Campbell, plus thirty-five new titles published yearly, New World Library aims to offer a quality selection of books, printed in an ecologically responsible format, to continue to help readers along their path to physical, spiritual, and mental health and well-being.

New World Library has a grand and far reaching mission: personal and planetary transformation, but the publishing firm had a much more humble beginning. In 1977, Marc Allen and Shakti Gawain began publishing some of their books and booklets under the name Whatever Publishing. Over the years, the company expanded and underwent a name change to better reflect what they offered. Gawain’s book, Creative Visualization, was one of the first big successes for the company, going on to publish over six million copies in more than thirty countries. Soon, New World Library was building a strong catalog of “New Age” titles, although the company sees their titles more as tools to help people create better lives and futures, without the preconceptions the label “New Age” brings.

To further expand the mission of New World Library, the company collaborates with publishers Amber-Allen Publishing and H J Kramer. Amber-Allen helped bring Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success to New World Library under their imprint, and the title went on to dominate the bestseller lists for more than a year and a half. New World Library has taken responsibility for H J Kramer’s marketing, accounting, and production tasks, leaving the publisher free to build their author and title lists. These relationships have given New World Library the ability to offer a strong list of titles that remain in print for new readers to enjoy, and perennial favorites such as Riane Eisler, Richard Carlson, and Daphne Rose Kingma remain strong sellers, even as exciting new titles are offered yearly.

New World Library also takes the mission of creating a better planet to heart. The company supports the Green Press Initiative, a nonprofit organization that helps authors and publishers print in more environmentally friendly ways. New World Library publishes their titles using soy inks, and almost the entirety of their titles are printed on postconsumer recycled paper.

In addition to traditionally published titles, New World Library offers a large list of spoken-word audio CD’s and digital downloads, suitable for today’s on-the-go readers. Audio CD’s include spoken versions of popular books, workshops and learning courses, and guided meditations. The publishing company’s website is also a treasure trove of information, with detailed author pages that include links to author websites and blogs, social media, interviews, and more. Also on the website are the New World Library’s “Pathways,” the site’s resources and support for people wanting to have an in depth learning experience in areas such as animal communication, creativity and writing, alternative health, business, relationships, and more.

If you are interested in your own personal growth, or if you want to help improve the planet or the lives of people who live on it, New World Library has the resources and inspiration to encourage you, teach you, and inspire you on your journey. The company has always focused on bringing the highest-quality books and writings from some of the world’s greatest minds to their readers. Today, and in the future, New World Library will continue to publish words that transform lives and bring hope, inspiration, and knowledge to the world.


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