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January 18, 2018 / 2:21 pm EST


Bon Appétit Catering
Bon Appétit CateringJun 23, 2010
Food Services for a Sustainable Future

How much of a difference could one catering company make by serving organic and locally-grown foods? What if that catering company has more than 400 locations in 29 states?  That’s a lot of difference!  Bon Appétit Management Company provides café and catering services to corporations, colleges, universities and specialty venues. They offer delicious, delectable meals with an emphasis on organic, locally-grown foods – and featuring vegan and vegetarian choices.

About the Company:

Bon Appétit was born in 1987 when Fedele Bauccio and Ernie Collins had a desire to bring something new to the catering industry. With a desire to offer clients amazing, fresh food onsite, the two purchased a local catering company and directed the talented chefs to focus on the new market.  The company experienced huge successes, and then in 1999, they realized something.

Local foods were disappearing, and the foods they could obtain were tasteless, bland, and left a lot to be desired. Foods were being grown to look tempting but not necessarily to taste good.  With that realization, the company started the ‘Farm to Fork’ program and committed to sustainability and fresh, locally-grown foods.  Since then, Bon Appetit has focused on a variety of issues – from industrial animal husbandry to ocean depletion to reducing their own carbon footprint.  The wonderful thing about this company is that they’re continuing to make changes that create a positive impact on our environment as they strive for a better future.

Eco-Friendly Catering Initiatives:

The Farm to Fork Program is one of the wonderful eco-conscious initiatives in play by Bon Appetit Management Company.  What this program is about is purchasing locally-grown foods – within a 150 mile radius.  The foods are then served within 48 hours of harvest.  The company supports farmers who utilize eco-friendly farming techniques, and those that do not use pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics.

In addition to the Farm to Fork Program, Bon Appetit Management Company has an enormous list of kitchen principles that they adhere to.  Only a few of them include:

* Supporting the Seafood Watch guidelines as recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

* Using pesticide, hormone, and antibiotic free foods.

* Developing close relationships with local farmers and artisans.

Having collected a myriad of ‘green’ awards, and having the company featured in major publications like the New York Times just goes to show that people appreciate the strides Bon Appétit is taking.  A few of their clients include Cisco, eBay, Dreamworks SKG, The Art Institute of Chicago, and AT&T Park.

By Samantha Cummings

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