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January 18, 2018 / 2:20 pm EST


Bringing Good Food to You…Wherever You Are
Bringing Good Food to You…Wherever You AreNov 1, 2008
Bringing Good Food to You…Wherever You Are

Do you have time to find and prepare organic produce, free-range poultry, and grass-fed pastured meats for your family, three meals per day and seven days per week? Not many people do, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy the option. Enter Healthy Chef Creations, based in Winter Park, Florida. Owner and Executive Chef John Procacci has created a business offering complete organic meals, exquisitely prepared by a professional team of chefs, that get delivered to your home—anywhere in the country.

Unlike many prepared or frozen food choices, Healthy Chef only offers produce that has been grown without chemicals. This includes avoiding seeds that have been genetically modified. The meats Procacci prepares all come from animals that spend their days roaming fields and eating the foods they were designed to consume. His ingredients are whole foods, which means they are neither processed nor refined. He uses fundamental building blocks of a diet rather than packaged or canned things we see at grocery store. By preparing whole foods from scratch, he offers balanced meals dense with nutrients to customers who care about what they put into their bodies.

Healthy Chef offers customers several options in organic dining. One of their programs, Enlightened Cuisine, is a weight loss program that helps customers control portions without adding sodium, preservatives, or artificial dyes to the food. Instead, Procacci says, “With our diets, you’re getting things like fresh salad. The food is a lot tastier than processed or cheap foods. Another perk allows each family member to select a diet based on his or her tastes and preferences. So, for the child who only eats chicken tenders, this means the parents don’t have to make separate meals. Imagine coming home from work to find organic fillet-mignon in your refrigerator, paired with risotto and broccoli, while another container contains free-range chicken strips or sloppy joes—all a half-hour reheat away from the table. The whole family can eat together and nobody is exhausted or stuck at the dishwasher. Whether you live in Bend, Oregon or Houston, Texas, this vision can be your reality.

Healthy Chef delivers meals once a week in unique cooler bags that can be recycled after use (but Procacci prefers to reuse the bags as a first option). To further extend the full service, delivery staff will arrange the meals, all of which come sealed in oven/microwave safe containers, in your refrigerator so they don’t sit on your porch baking in the sun while you’re at work. Healthy Chef meals start at around $40 per day, and Procacci reminds his customers, “If you take into consideration shopping and food costs, waste, time spent cooking and cleaning…you know it’s actually a very affordable way to eat organic meals every day prepared by a gourmet chef.”

By Katy Rank Lev

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