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January 18, 2018 / 2:20 pm EST


EscopazzoDec 10, 2010
Savoring the Taste of Perfection

MIAMI – a place where it’s always sunny. It’s a perfect place to relax and unwind. This South Florida jewel is full of beautiful tourists seeking a beautiful tourist destination. Miami is a place with diverse individuals and strong cultural influences. You need look no further than the fashion, cultural celebrations, and eating establishments to find a unique climate brimming over with excitement. If you are in search of the best organic Italian cuisine Miami has to offer, your first stop should be Escopazzo.

The Making of a Superb Restaurant

The restaurant officially opened in 1993 with only 35 seats. A second room, used to accommodate private parties and gatherings increased the capacity to a total of 90 seats. An indoor stone fountain and quaint sitting bar provide the old world Tuscan courtyard experience.

Going Nuts

Escopazza offers private dining and catering (full service or drop menu). The generous wine cellar, located in the back dining area, bears the “Italian-only Wine Spectator Award”. With more than 170 cases, the offerings are complimentary of the daily specials as well as the standard menu fair. Local fine diners as well as celebrities, local luminaries, artists and chefs come to the restaurant to dine and unwind with the warm and hospitable ambience. Frequent celebrity diners include Michael Dell, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Cameron Diaz, Harrison Ford, Mario Batali, and Tyler Florence. You may end up sitting adjacent to them but there is no need to worry, the staff at Escopazza is accustomed to treating their entire patron as celebrity. Dining at Escopazzo feels like eating with a big Italian family. Maybe that’s why they named it Escopazzo, meaning, “I’m going crazy” in Italian. The service is superb and you are sure to be in Heaven once you try the dishes.

Proudly Organic

Aside from an unforgettable dining experience, Escopazzo offers a wide variety of entrees that tantalize your taste buds. The food served daily is 100% organic. The woman behind its great success, Chef Giancarla Bodoni, makes it a point to insure no additives, artificial flavoring or coloring are very served. She sees to it that what goes onto your plate is with her knowledge and trust. Chef Bodoni studied various aspects regarding the environment, which she later applied to the food she makes. She became friends with the organic farmers who helped her understand more about the most beneficial ingredients to use in her culinary designs. Along with great wine, Giancarla’s passion is to serve great food that forever lingers in your mouth and your mind. She makes sure that there is never a one-time visitor to Escopazzo

Rave Reviews

The restaurant has been receiving exquisite reviews from local and national publications almost since it opened its doors. Miami New Times named Escopazzo as one of the “Top Ten Most Important Miami Restaurants of the Decade.” Zagat quoted it as, one of “America’s Top Restaurants (1999-2007).” New Times recognized it as “Best Italian on South Beach (2008).” To this day, Escopazzo has continued to live up to people’s expectation to be the best Italian restaurant in Miami. The next time you visit or drop by Miami don’t forget to visit Escopazzo (Restaurant) in South Beach.


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