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January 18, 2018 / 2:30 pm EST


HavenMar 18, 2012
Offers Local, Seasonal Fare in Houston

From the bright dining space to the old-style country music to the carefully crafted flavor combinations of the daily menu options, Haven is a direct representation of Chef Randy Owens' vision. With down home touches such as cocktails in Mason jars and yeast rolls with dipping butter to accompany a meal, guests can enjoy the laid back feel of the restaurant as they prepare for a feast that will delight the eyes and the stomach. In addition to tasty and unusual food combinations, guests of Haven can enjoy fare brought fresh to the restaurant every day by local suppliers. In fact, some of the seasonal offerings can practically walk in the door, like the soft shelled crabs that are delivered alive and then prepared fresh with a crab meat stuffing and spicy peanut crust before landing on the plate. This is a restaurant that celebrates the taste and freshness of the farm to plate concept.


Guests at Haven will enjoy knowing exactly what goes in to each dish, thanks to a detailed and descriptive menu that changes frequently due to the availability of seasonal foods. Every item on the menu from "Texas artisans, farmers, ranchers and boatmen," are highlighted in italics and Spring 2012's local menu selections include oysters, crawfish, bacon, fried green tomatoes, arugula and akaushi steak. Haven offers brunch, lunch and dinner. Brunch options include omelettes with farm eggs, brioche French toast and frittata along with heartier fare such as chicken enchiladas or the pulled pork sandwich. The lunch menu offers options ranging from the popular wild boar chili to gumbo, a plate of veggies or quail with green tomato golden raisin chutney. Dinner at Haven begins with an appetizer or soup and salad. However, don't look for traditional dinner appetizers here. Instead, enjoy country fried chicken livers and biscuits or a carrot and raisin salad. Dinner offers something for every taste, including vegetarian options highlighted with a green leaf on the menu. Guests might also enjoy a flavorful dish of shrimp, free range chicken, veal or filet of beef depending on what was delivered fresh to the restaurant that day.


In addition to the food menu, Haven also offers a variety of mixed drinks and wines. Specialty drinks include the Moscow Mule, a mix of vodka, lime and mint with ginger beer; or the La Vida Local, which includes tequila, hibiscus syrup and fresh jalapeno! On the extensive wine list, guests can find a wine to pair with any meal by the glass or by the bottle. Each wine bottle listing includes the vintage year and many include the vineyard. There is a full selection of popular wines including white, pinot noir, merlot, and zinfandel, plus many unique wines for the adventurous to try. Wines from organic, sustainable or biodynamic wineries are denoted on the menu with a green leaf. Haven also offers a listing of "small production favorites" available in a range of prices.


Haven offers diners more than just a meal. Dining at Haven provides a unique experience that returning guests will be eager to share with family and friends. From the fresh local offerings to the crisp white linen tablecloths to the individual French press coffee service delivered to the table with a dish of cream, guests are treated with care. Haven has clearly earned their listing on Houston's top ten new restaurants list. For Texas regional cuisine that is sourced directly from the growers, farmers, and fishermen right in the Houston area, you won't find a fresher, tastier restaurant meal.


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