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January 18, 2018 / 2:21 pm EST


M Cafe
M CafeJan 22, 2013
Serves Up Fresh Macrobiotic Food

If you've ever heard of macrobiotic cuisine, you may think it's only something celebrities eat. We've heard of Hollywood's elite actresses and the macrobiotic diet they use to keep their figures trim and film-ready, and may assume that it's not something everyone can enjoy eating. However, one bite of the fresh dishes prepared at M Cafe will be enough to convince anyone that macrobiotic food is delicious, nutritious and perfect for a healthy meal away from home.

Macrobiotics, as this approach to eating is called, is subject to many misperceptions based on its portrayal in the media as an "exclusive" approach to eating. Yet macrobiotics is actually a simple way of eating that focuses on whole, natural, seasonal foods that are as close to their original state as possible, not processed. Eating a macrobiotic diet does not mean eating raw foods, however. Macrobiotic cooking makes use of cooked whole grains, cooked vegetables and cooked fruits. Some cooked animal foods are included as well, although a macrobiotic dish usually doesn't contain eggs, dairy, red meat or poultry, or any refined sugars.

Now that the macrobiotic approach is a little clearer, how is this nutritious, whole food approach utilized at M Cafe's Los Angeles area eateries? The West Hollywood and Beverly Hills locations began serving their healthy, fresh menus in 2005 and 2009, respectively, but these restaurants actually draw on almost 400 years of restaurant experience thanks to M Cafe's owner, Yuji Tsunoda. Mr. Tsunoda's family has owned restaurants in Japan for hundreds of years, and brought the Franco-Japonaise style of eating to California with the Chaya Restaurants. He tapped Chef Tachibe, a chef experienced in both French and Italian cuisine fused with Japanese cuisine, to come to the United States to open La Petite Chaya in Los Angeles. Since then, Chef Tachibe has helped bring his signature style to four eateries in California, and now he is able to take his knowledge and experience with macrobiotic cooking to the public with M Cafe.

Bringing the concept of macrobiotics to the public was important to Chef Tachibe, as eating a fresh and nutritious whole foods diet was what he believed was the basis for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The menu at M Cafe is comprised of whole foods made fresh and completely from scratch each day. The Cafe offers whole grains, farm-grown vegetables and fresh fruits, all served in season. Even the restaurant's condiments, such as the Ketchup, mayonnaise and ranch dressing, are made fresh every day. The restaurant's vibe is a European-style cafe and deli, with a colorful array of salads and side dishes displayed in the deli case. All items are designed to be accessible and affordable, so that anyone can enjoy a delicious lunch on the go, or come in and enjoy a meal that is both delicious and fresh away from home. Each location serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a tempting assortment of sweet organic treats including muffins, cookies, pastries and desserts.  

For a delicious, healthy meal that you can feel good about eating, a dish at M Cafe serves up a delightful menu of food prepared fresh every day. Just a glance at the menu will likely set anyone's mouth watering. From seasonal soups, to organic fries, a selection of hot or cold sandwiches, wraps and salads, plus some dishes that feature traditional Japanese flavors such as the spicy tuna roll, rice bowls or soba noodle salad. M Cafe has a full fresh drink menu, from fresh organic orange juice to iced mochas. Plus, you can top your meal off with desserts prepared with organic, whole foods, natural grain sweeteners and no refined sugar, eggs or dairy...yet they still have the delicious flavor that will have you returning again and again! Even though the correct description of M Cafe's menu is "macrobiotic," once you sample one of their healthy and tasty dishes, all you will know is you won't be able to wait to come back for more.


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