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January 18, 2018 / 2:29 pm EST


Miette Parisian Pastry Shop
Miette Parisian Pastry ShopAug 16, 2014
Brings the Enchantment to San Francisco and Your Home

From the pretty cookie boxes tied with satin ribbon to the enticing bags of caramels, it’s obvious from the moment you see a product from Miette why this little pastry shop is one of San Francisco’s most loved. From humble beginnings at a Farmer’s Market, the shop has grown to become one of the ten best pastry shops in the world, as recognized by Conde Nast. Start with the beautiful Parisian atmosphere that carries from shop displays to pretty packaging tags. Then add in the ingredients, which are often local, fresh, organic and sustainable. Mix it all together to get the classic layer cakes, sweet berry tarts, crisp homemade cookies, and perfect little cupcakes. It’s easy to see why Miette’s has become a must-see in the San Francisco area.

Miette was owner Meg Ray’s way of sharing the delicious treats that she enjoyed while growing up in Europe. A self-taught baker, she began Miette by selling her confections at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market in 2001. Since then, Miette has developed into a little piece of Paris in the Bay area, and has also expanded from one shop located in the Ferry Building, to a total of four locations, each remaining true to the pretty, delicate aesthetic of Miette. A Miette treat is small, beautiful, and delicious.

Miette’s tarts, cakes, cookies, and candies are a showcase for what simple, sustainable ingredients can create. All of Miette’s products are made from ingredients that are sourced from local, family-owned farms, and sustainably grown, if possible. Many of the ingredients Miette uses are organic, as well. When a customer orders a Miette cake, it is custom made to order for peak freshness. Customers are advised to eat their baked confections within a day because the shop uses no preservatives. Miette also tries to accommodate various food needs, like Macaroons made without wheat, suitable for gluten-intolerant clients, and vegan candies for customers who don’t eat dairy or eggs.

For those who are not able to visit San Francisco, but are craving a Miette treat, cookies and candies are available for order and will be delivered to your home in beautifully packaged boxes and bags (even gift wrapped with a hand-written card if needed!) Miette bakes their custom wedding cakes and birthday cakes for local pickup, and also has cookies, cupcakes and other bakery items like Éclairs and Buns available at the four Miette locations: San Francisco’s Ferry Building and Hayes Valley, and Oakland and Larkspur Landing outside the city.

At Miette, simple and delicious never tasted so good. Miette creations are delicate and pretty, but not overly frilly or extravagantly decorated. This bakery lets the taste do the talking, so their desserts are often simple and classic. Layer cakes feature swirls of icing and one large signature pink candy rose. Comforting, familiar treats like carrot cake, cheesecakes, and gingerbread are simple and flavorful. Chocolate chip cookies feature mini chocolate chips that mirror Miette’s “less is more” aesthetic, while the shortbread and wafer cookies are classic All-American delights like Grandma used to make. Then there are the candies and treats, like soft vanilla marshmallows, toffees and caramels, and even licorice, all decadent and all made from fresh, simple ingredients.

To make a wonderful dessert, one doesn’t need piles of icing, extravagant decorations, or complicated recipes. Sometimes the simple and familiar treats we’ve loved for years are what will satisfy a craving. When they are made with care and fresh, healthy ingredients, it’s easy to indulge and allow yourself to fully enjoy your Miette confection. Even if you can’t get to San Francisco, you can bring a bit of Miette to your home with an order of cookies or candy. Meg Ray also beautifully walks at-home bakers through her elegant, flavorful recipes for cakes, tarts, and other desserts (100 in total) with the cookbook Miette: Recipes from San Francisco’s Most Charming Pastry Shop. No matter how you get your Miette pastry, you’ll see and taste the difference fresh, unrefined ingredients make when you take your first delicious bite . . . let Miette bring a little slice of Paris right to your lips.


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