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January 18, 2018 / 2:19 pm EST


Copperleaf Restaurant & Bar
Copperleaf Restaurant & BarAug 10, 2013
Northwest Farm-to-Table Cuisine

If you’ve never experienced the difference between a standard restaurant meal and a fresh farm-to-table restaurant meal, then you’re in for a real treat at the Copperleaf Restaurant & Bar, Seattle, Washington’s unique sustainable and locally-grown dining experience. Copperleaf is located on the grounds of the Cedarbrook Lodge, where diners can look out over the beautiful landscape artistry, the nearby stand of cedar trees, and the Terrace's glowing wood-burning outdoor fireplace. Food served at Copperleaf is carefully sourced from local farmers and growers, or grown right at the on-site herb, vegetable and produce gardens, and is prepared with skill and passion by the Restaurant’s Executive Chef. If you’re looking for a true Northwest dining experience that is fresh, delicious, flavorful, and eco-conscious, the Copperleaf Restaurant & Bar will be tops on your list.

From the design of the restaurant and grounds, to the ambiance and décor of the interior, the experience at Copperleaf is one that showcases how well elegant and eco go hand-in-hand. From the al fresco dining to the indoor fireplace and ample windows overlooking the grounds, the Copperleaf allows you to experience nature while you dine. To help ensure that the beauty of the landscape is preserved for future foodies, the Copperleaf takes great pride in their commitment to eco-conscious dining, through their local and fresh seasonal menu to their many sustainable initiatives.

Patrons sitting down to a meal at Copperleaf know exactly where the food came from, and it's not frozen from a bag! It may have been picked fresh from the restaurant’s on-site vegetable and produce garden, herb trellis, or on-site mushroom garden. Or it was locally sourced from trusted vendors. When the restaurant sources their ingredients, they work carefully to establish relationships with ranchers, farmers, fisherman, and artisans who are local and sustainable. From fair trade chocolate to organic lamb; clams and oysters to organic poultry and eggs, all of the foods come from committed producers who help the Copperleaf provide the best direct farm-to-table experience in the Northwest.

Cultivating great vendors and providers is one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is Copperleaf's daily commitment to sustainability. Through carefully measured practices and initiatives, Copperleaf is able to offer diners a truly eco-friendly dining experience. The restaurant’s décor features reclaimed wood, pieces by local artisans, and eco-friendly fabrics. Unlike those standard Styrofoam to-go containers, the Copperleaf will package your leftovers in 100% biodegradable and compostable sugarcane boxes. The cutlery is also eco-friendly, as are the to-go cups and even the straws!

In order to create a natural and healthy environment in which to grow their ingredients and operate the restaurant, the Copperleaf takes smart environmental measures. A complete composting program fuels the growth of the garden. Protection of the surrounding wetlands is also a high priority, with provisions made for water runoff from the site to be naturally purified by the mushroom garden before entering the wetland area, an innovative and beneficial solution. Several garden areas are located right on the property, and guests are encouraged to get out and help with planting and harvesting, or to simply sit and enjoy the view. Kitchen grease is sent offsite to a local company, General Biodiesel, for conversion into biodiesel fuel at a rate of one hundred gallons of grease a month! From the dish washing machine, which only uses Green Seal cleaners, to the restaurant’s own filtered and bottled water, the Copperleaf seeks to create sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.

What is the farm-to-table experience like for diners at the Copperleaf? The seasonal cuisine is carefully prepared for maximum taste, health, and freshness. With a full offering of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, a full wine and spirits menu, and various specialty menus from a vegetarian tasting menu to a young adult menu, you’ll have no trouble selecting something delicious to eat. Luxurious and exotic offerings such as quail, truffles, octopus, Applewood smoked salmon, Caramelized scallops, and Filet Mignon mingle with grilled PB&J sandwiches and beer battered fish and chips. Don’t forget to leave room for the dessert menu, as you try to decide between Watermelon Sorbet and Cinnamon Peach Cobbler, to name a few.

Come to Copperleaf Restaurant & Bar for the ambiance, green commitment, or delicious fresh and healthy menu . . . or all three! You can sit back and relax near the glow of a wood-burning fireplace and enjoy a meal straight from the source.


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