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January 18, 2018 / 2:20 pm EST


Spruce Restaurant
Spruce RestaurantOct 3, 2011
A True Dining Experience

If you are looking for a restaurant in the Presidio Heights area of San Francisco that serves fresh, local, organic food, Spruce Restaurant is worthy of consideration. It is also worthy of consideration if you are looking for delicious food prepared carefully and served in a restaurant with great service and a quality atmosphere. Managed by Baccus Management Group, which owns several other popular local eateries, Spruce fast became a favorite local spot after it opened in 2007. With an upscale yet relaxed atmosphere and an effort to provide local food from local farmers, Spruce is often hailed as one of the best restaurants in San Francisco. Executive Chef Mark Sullivan, along with Chef de Cuisine Walter Abrams, takes great pride in providing a dining experience to be savored and discussed far into the future rather than just a meal at a restaurant.


Spruce Restaurant provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience to its customers partly due to the attention to detail Executive Chef Sullivan and his team use to prepare each dish. Many restaurants carefully prepare each meal with high-quality ingredients and the utmost flavor, but Chef Sullivan goes a step further than other restaurants. He has scoured the San Francisco area to locate the best farmers and producers in the area to be sure the restaurant is supplied with the best grass-fed beef, the freshest line-caught seafood, and the freshest and best tasting local vegetables. It’s more than a supply and demand relationship, it’s a partnership dedicated to showcasing the best San Francisco has to offer. It’s an experience patrons of Spruce won’t soon forget.


The restaurant itself, located in the heart of the industrial Sacramento Street area, has a rustic décor and comfortable cream and chocolate color scheme.  Guests will also enjoy twinkling crystal chandeliers and a bank of sunny windows along the dining room area. The building was originally a car garage dating back to the 1930’s, and the restaurant maintains some industrial touches such as exposed steel beams. Guests can choose to head to the bar or to the dining room, and will find delicious food and attentive service in both areas. Each guest is made to feel like an important visitor by a friendly host, attentive service staff, and an in-house sommelier. A highlight is watching the careful bussers who clear away items at just the right moment and replace, then discreetly iron, the white tablecloths after each patron for a clean and welcoming table. 

Another offering that sets Spruce apart from other local restaurants is the charcuterie. The restaurant has a temperature-controlled curing room to support their in-house program of cured meats that are sold in a small counter at the front of the restaurant along with aged cheeses and prepared foods. As for the main lunch and dinner offerings, guests should be prepared for a treat. For a simple dish, the Spruce Burger can’t be beat. The restaurant’s burger has been chosen among the best in San Francisco, and while it may need no ketchup to compliment the taste, many say that it will come with foie gras for those wishing to try something out of the norm. Whether you are in the mood for something simple, or want to try a several-course meal, Spruce will provide a mouthwatering savory experience followed by dessert with just the right amount of sweetness. Spruce also has an extensive wine list, with an offering to compliment every meal. With glowing reviews from patrons and critics alike, a welcoming and cozy atmosphere and a dining experience that can’t be had at other establishments, Spruce Restaurant could become your favorite San Francisco eatery!

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