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January 18, 2018 / 2:29 pm EST


Sublime Restaurant
Sublime RestaurantDec 15, 2013
Fort Lauderdale’s Award Winning Eatery

If you love delicious cuisine and healthy eating, and are searching for a new dining experience in South Florida, you’ll be happy you found Sublime Restaurant. The vegan menu is all natural and so delicious; you’ll forget you’re not eating meat! Not only does Sublime want to provide their guests with the most nutritious and best tasting menu around, they strive to do so while promoting animal rights and offering diners a fine dining experience. If it seems like an impossible ideal to be able to eat out if you are vegan, or eat organic foods, or have food allergies, dining at Sublime will be a dream come true: delicious, nutritious and all natural.

Fort Lauderdale’s Sublime Restaurant was the vision of Nanci Alexander, who is a lifelong crusader against cruelty to animals, and is also the founder of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. She founded Sublime to offer people meat-free versions of the foods they love to eat. The no-cholesterol, all vegan, organic menu at Sublime is so delicious that food lovers of all kinds now flock to this eatery to enjoy food that is grown, prepared, and served with care and concern for the entire dining experience. Guests can be sure hidden ingredients like trans-fat, processed foods or other unhealthy fare have no place at Sublime. In addition to being able to offer guests a unique vegan dining experience, the restaurant is also a supporter of organizations that promote animal welfare. In fact, 100% of all of Sublime’s profits go toward groups that support animal rights or going vegan.

Both vegan and non-vegan diners will be wowed by the dishes that are served at Sublime. All foods are prepared to look and taste like many of your favorite dishes . . . but without the meat. Sticking to a vegan diet means no meat, fish, dairy or eggs, but you would never know it from the offerings on the Sublime menu. Adults and kids alike will find the food rich, satisfying, and delicious. From the most basic items such as mushroom ravioli or an array of salads, to a seemingly impossible feat: caviar made not with fish eggs, but with organic ingredients that are so similar in taste and texture that you’re unable to tell the difference! The menu at Sublime includes appetizers and flatbreads, salads, entrees, sides and desserts, all complemented by an extensive wine menu. The mac ‘n cheese appetizer is flavored with a Dijon béchamel sauce, the Picatta entrée features a garden cutlet that is as much like veal as . . . veal. Despite the fact that all meals are created from a variety of vegetables, they are as hearty and filling as any dish at a restaurant that serves meat.

Aside from the amazing cuisine (the dessert menu featuring coconut cake and apple crumb pie with homemade ice cream is not to be missed), the atmosphere is unlike the majority of quick in-and-out restaurants we are used to today. Diners sit down to a relaxing and soothing experience at tables with cloth napkins and cutlery that is replaced after each course. The staff are attentive and knowledgeable; able to discuss the menu in detail for diners with questions. Taking in the décor adds to the calm and relaxed feeling you’ll experience, with window waterfalls, an open hearth, and beautiful glass tiles adding to the soothing tropical ambiance.

The idea of an all-vegan meal might be a bit of a stretch for some tried and true meat lovers, but Sublime is determined to show guests that delicious food without the cholesterol, the trans-fat, the preservatives, and the additives that many restaurants use is not only better for you, but better tasting, too. Coming to dine at Sublime is an experience diners will seek out again and again. Enjoying a meal that is cruelty-free and helps animals in need, especially in the agriculture industry, is a bonus that will make you feel as if you are doing good as you eat well.


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