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November 21, 2017 / 10:32 am EST

Spa Experience

The Sandpearl Resort Spa
The Sandpearl Resort Spa Jan 6, 2010
A Clearwater, Florida Gem

There's a gem sparkling amongst a sea of beachside activities and luxury pampering in Clearwater, Florida, where restorative ocean-inspired spa therapies and rejuvenating packages are found in an eco-friendly resort setting. The Sandpearl Resort Spa is housed in the first resort built on Clearwater Beach in the last 25 years – already earning a worthy buzz as one of the top establishments in the world.

Eco-Friendly Features

With energy-efficient and environmentally conscious features, the Sandpearl Resort is a Silver LEED certified resort hotel (the first in Florida) that focuses on improving their criteria regarding "energy-efficiency, indoor air quality, water conservation, natural resource conservation, transportation, and the environment." Only nine other resorts in the United States have accomplished LEED certification.

The Sandpearl utilizes construction materials with slow emission qualities, such as eco-friendly wood finishes, floor coatings, carpet adhesives, duct sealants and interior paints. Bathrooms are equipped with water-saving faucets, toilets, and showerheads, which produce a more than 20% boost in water conservation. The resort pool uses ozone (a natural product derived from oxygen) as an alternative water purifier – eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

The resort embraces a chilled water air-conditioning system that brings long-term energy savings. A heat recovery exhaust system also helps reduce the resort's overall energy consumption. An in-room management system lessens wasted energy, including the installation of system cut-offs on sliding glass doors. Other eco-friendly resort features include high-quality energy saving windows, geothermal pool heating system, recycling programs, and preferred parking for hybrid electric cars.

Spa Features

The peaceful surroundings of the ocean provide the perfect backdrop for luxurious spa treatments and natural healing services aimed to awaken the mind, body and soul. At the Sandpearl Resort Spa, days begin with breathtaking sunrises and end with the soothing scent of rolling waves. For guests looking to indulge in a therapeutic getaway, select one of the Ocean Therapies, including:

* The Thalasso Bath offers a restorative 'water massage' in a cutting-edge hydro bath that soothes muscle aches and pains. The bath also increases flexibility and helps rejuvenate muscle tone in a 25-minute session that costs $65.

* With the Salt Scrub and Vichy Energizer, a combination of salt and rain shower therapy delivers a healing boost of energy. The Ocean Mud Wrap cleanses and nourishes the body with mineral-rich mud that detoxifies and relaxes. A 50-minute session for the Salt Scrub and Mud Wrap costs $130 each.

* For the ultimate spa treatment, choose the Healing Water & Calming Stone ($500) to cleanse and purify the body with a Clearwater Beach stone massage and traditional European marine facial.

* Newlyweds and brides-to-be can reflect and relax with the Brides Rites of Passage ($460), which includes a Pearl Iridescence Facial, Aromatic Pearl Massage, and Sand and Water Manicure and Pedicure.

* Choose two treatments out of a facial, massage, pedicure, reflexology and the Thalasso bath for the Serenity Mini Retreat.

The Sandpearl Resort also offers a variety of fascinating spa programs that tap into your creativity, such as Expression through Dance – a movement 'art' class centered on fun and fitness. Other programs include:

* Sunrise and Sunset Rituals: Beachside sessions of yoga and meditation

* Earth’s Bounty: Resort chefs lead natural cooking lessons 

* Moonlight and Nature Walks: Guided tours that explore the surrounding environment by moonlight

The Sandpearl Resort is located in Clearwater Beach, Florida at 500 Mandalay Avenue – (727) 441-2425.

By Yona Williams


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