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November 21, 2017 / 10:33 am EST

Spa Experience

BsaBFeb 25, 2010
Relax Your Mind with Natural Aromatherapy

Providing an escape from everyday tensions, eco-friendly aromatherapy in the form of candles and essential oils has the power to relax your mind and free your body. Offering a variety of high-quality products with natural ingredients, BsaB embraces an impressive collection of green business practices, including a goal to become 100% self-sufficient and carbon neutral.

An Eco-Friendly Commitment

From the eye-catching design of honey-scented beeswax coral creations to the uniquely scented coconut shell soy candles, BsaB helps achieve balance through 100% natural products. A commitment to protect and preserve the planet greatly places the company ahead of competitors with green goals achieved through:

Natural Ingredients: Free of chemicals, synthetic fillers, and toxic materials, BsaB uses the finest natural ingredients, including 100% pure soy wax and beeswax. BsaB soy wax originates from soybeans grown on American farms – renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable. Canadian and US markets provide the 100% pure beeswax used to create the Beeswax Coral Candles. Cotton wicks are 100% natural, chemical free and with no metal centers or added toxins that leach into the air when burned.

Natural Packaging: When shipping their high-quality aromatherapy candles and oils, BsaB uses natural packaging, including 100% recyclable or recycled paper products. Earth-friendly boxes are designed to avoid the spilling of chemicals or dyes into the land or water. 100% soy inks are used to relay information found on BsaB's packaging and printing materials (such as labels). The ink is earth friendly, natural and 100% biodegradable. In the future, recycled boxes will transport all online orders. BsaB packaging also takes steps to help prevent the deaths of thousands of wildlife each year by using PLA biodegradable plastic (made out of cornstarch), which poses no threat to the environment.
Self-Sufficient Facility: BsaB has made plans to become 100% self-sufficient and carbon neutral. This goal starts with their new "Creation Center" in Thailand that houses their manufacturing plant and corporate office. Eventually, the building will become 100% solar powered – one of the first companies in Asia to achieve such a feat.
Choose Your Scent

Fragrances found in the typical scented candle are known to contain chemicals that may adversely affect your health. However, BsaB uses pure and 100% natural aromatherapy essential oils (blended by professional perfumists in France), which allows you to  tap into the healing power of nature.

BsaB aromatherapy candles use 100% pure undiluted essential oils to supply a wave of inspiring scents. The company offers 16 different variations designed to not only fill a space with pleasant aromas, but also encourage a healthy release of the mind and body. BsaB has categorized their aromatherapy candles and oils into four different categories: Calming & Relaxing; Refreshing & Invigorating; Warming & Inviting; and Sweet Sensations. Some of the scents to explore include:

* Lemongrass: Offering a sweet, invigorating, mood-lifting experience, Lemongrass features an essential oil known to fight depression and strengthen the nervous system. The citrus and herbaceous scent is available in glass and bamboo candles.

* Ancient Sands: Available in glass candles, Ancient Sands enhances the mood, inspires, and warms with a spicy aroma blended with cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, and clove. Ginger essential oils have been used to successfully ease loneliness and depression.

* Forest: Use the fresh scent of Forest to uplift and warm your spirits. Allow the cedar wood essential oil to comfort and revive the senses. People with nervous disorders have been known to respond to the added patchouli essential oil – a common choice for aromatherapists looking to combat depression. Open your mind with this fragrance, which is available in glass and bamboo candles.

By Yona Williams





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