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November 21, 2017 / 10:34 am EST

Spa Experience

Buttermilk Spa
Buttermilk SpaApr 9, 2010
New York State’s Eco-friendly Day Spa

As your daily stresses accumulate, they can leave you feeling heavy, tired and even depressed. Stress can cause a whole host of problems if it’s not properly dealt with and relieved on a regular basis. The pampering, relaxing Buttermilk Spa in the Hudson Valley can help – and they take pride in paying special attention to their impact on the environment.

Where Stress Meets its Match

The total-body relaxation waiting for you at Buttermilk Spa is a fabulous way to beat the stresses that threaten to affect your mind and body.  Is a particular part of your overworked body feeling the pains?  A focused massage concentrates on that specific part as your masseuse utilizes basic Swedish and Deep Tissue massage tactics. A long, relaxing 45 minutes will run you only $75.

The fabulous Aromatherapy massage utilizes essential oils for pampering, travel or tranquility. They detoxify your skin and rehydrate, leaving you feeling completely at peace and your skin feeling wonderful. Hot, moist towels, the full body massage and the delightful aromas are an experience you’re not likely to soon forget. It’s priced at $100 for a full hour and it’s worth every penny. 

Other fantastic packages include the Buttermilk Hot Stone massage, reflexology techniques, and the Deep Tissue massage – which targets deep muscle pain and is perfect for athletes or others who often put a lot of physical strain on their bodies.

Eco-Friendly Aspect

As you enjoy the views of the beautiful and majestic Hudson River and revel in the complete relaxation this eco-friendly spa offers, you can feel completely guilt-free. Labeled the ‘premier eco-friendly New York spa,’ Buttermilk Spa utilizes only naturally crafted and organic massage, facial and body treatment products. Using geo thermal energy to heat the sauna, steam room and mineral pool, Buttermilk Spa conserves energy and cuts down on waste. 

With an organic garden and bee hives on the property near the Buttermilk Falls Inn, culinary delights are created – and a lot of the harvest is used for the all-natural facials as well.  When it’s time for you to get away and relieve some of the stress you’ve been dealing with, consider the Buttermilk eco-friendly spa, where your mind, your body and the planet is cared for.

By Samanth Cummings


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