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November 21, 2017 / 10:32 am EST

Spa Experience

Cygalle Healing Spa
Cygalle Healing SpaAug 15, 2012
Is a Total Wellness Solution

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that spa experience no matter where you are? That’s the idea behind Cygalle Healing Spa, a spa management company with a holistic skincare line, a mobile spa service and brick and mortar spas within luxury hotels and condos. No matter where you are, you can take advantage of Cygalle’s good-for-your-skin products or relaxing services. The best part, aside from how good you will look and feel after, is that all of the Cygalle men’s’ and women’s’ skincare products are natural and organic, so you can be assured that any Cygalle product that touches your skin will be fresh, effective, and earth friendly.

Cygalle Dias began Cygalle Healing Spa in 2006 as a mobile spa. Bringing the spa to her clients meant that they could have a holistic, relaxing experience anywhere, even if they were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a city. Since that time, Cygalle Healing Spa has expanded to offer healthy skincare products, including moisturizers, cleansers, toners and serums that are organic and pure. The mobile spa concept has expanded to include a physical spa location at the Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic, along with a luxury spa management division for high-end spas located in hotels and condos.

In their spa locations and through their mobile spa services, Cygalle Healing Spa offers clients unique and beneficial healing treatments. These include a variety of massages, facials and whole body treatments. All Cygalle facials feature ingredients that are designed to infuse skin with nutrients and create a natural, healthy glow. Massage services at Cygalle include the signature massage, featuring organic aromatherapy oils, targeted to work to restore your body’s flow of energy. Bodywork includes healing treatments using wraps and work with the body’s chakras in conjunction with soothing oils, beneficial sea clays or holistic milk and honey rubs.

The spa services offered by Cygalle are relaxing, unique experiences, but you can also experience what Cygalle has to offer right in your own home. With the holistic skincare products offered by Cygalle, you can have a spa experience every time you cleanse, moisturize, or treat your skin. Cygalle’s products contain organic ingredients and are packaged in eco-friendly packaging. In addition, each product is made to order, so your skincare product will arrive fresh and there will be no wasted products on the shelves. Natural ingredients included in Cygalle’s women’s’ products include raspberry, honey and organic sunflower. Men’s’ skincare products such as cleanser and moisturizer contain lemon, blue lotus and chamomile. All products can be purchased online through Cygalle’s Web Store.

Other types of wellness services offered through Cygalle at their Casa de Campo resort are designed to relax and restore your body. These services include yoga, health counseling sessions, a healthy menu and products made on site at the Spa Pharmacy. The Casa de Campo location is a 7,000-acre vacation destination that includes lodging, a private beach, sporting facilities for golf, tennis, and other activities, and gourmet restaurants. All this is in addition to the spa facility located within the resort, where you can experience all of Cygalle’s treatments and services in a relaxing atmosphere.

Wellness and healing are an everyday part of life with Cygalle Healing Spa. Whether you want to take a relaxing vacation to Cygalle’s premier resort destination or have the skincare treatments sent right to your home, there is a solution for every client’s needs. Since Cygalle Healing Spa always uses the freshest, most natural ingredients made especially for your order, you can also be sure that the products you put on your skin will be healthy and effective. For a total wellness solution that is organic, convenient and eco-friendly, Cygalle Healing Spa is your destination, no matter where you are!

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