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November 21, 2017 / 10:31 am EST

Spa Experience

Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa
Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa Oct 8, 2013
The Perfect Balance Between Nature and Luxury

When you see metal shipping containers, do you think . . . spa? Maybe not, but the owners of Deer Lake Lodge in Montgomery, TX, did when they were planning the design for their destination spa resort. Not only do guests of this luxury resort and naturopathic detoxification spa get to enjoy custom treatments and relaxing experiences, plus gorgeous natural scenery, but they get to do it all in a sustainable and Earth-friendly resort that enhances the physical and mental well-being you'll experience during your stay.

Sisters Tracy Boulware and Dr. T.C. Hughes loved visiting luxury spa resorts, but wished for one in Texas where they lived. Since there wasn’t one that offered the specific type of spa experience they were hoping for, they did what any entrepreneurs with a dream would do: they opened their own. From the very beginning, their vision of a destination resort spa was one that was unique and rare. While it would offer standard spa fare like facials, massages, wraps and more, the Deer Lake Lodge experience would also include a naturopathic detoxification program, forming the backbone of the Deer Lake Lodge spa and resort packages. The entire resort would also be created and operated with sustainability and Eco-friendliness in mind.

Why was the combination of detoxification and sustainability so important to co-founders Boulware and Hughes? In order to provide spa visitors with the tools to eliminate the bad and restore the good, the focus of the spa needed to be on releasing all the buildup, toxins, pollutants, and other matter built up from living a normal, modern day life. Since we are also dealing with a planet that has a buildup of toxins, pollutants, and other environmental hazards, it only makes sense that in order to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit during a Deer Lake Lodge stay, the setting should be free from environmental pollutants and toxins.

Located about 40 minutes from Houston, and about 10 miles outside the town of Montgomery, the Deer Lake Lodge Organic Spa Resort is a secluded place situated less than a mile down a recycled asphalt road on a 50-acre property of tranquil forest land. The main resort consists mostly of 23 refurbished shipping containers that have been designed to form the resort facilities plus eight guest cottages. The containers were procured from Houston’s shipping yards, and were a cost-effective, green solution to building the resort. Deer Lake’s buildings are insulated with eco-friendly recycled blue jeans, and the rustic siding comes from old fencing. Several buildings have sod roofs, and all of the resort’s operations are sustainable, from the organic supplies and amenities to energy efficient lighting and water. The sisters took great pains to turn the initially utilitarian facilities into a luxurious, serene, and beautifully decorated home away from home.

Guests who stay at the Deer Lake Lodge will be pleasantly surprised at the luxury accommodations, extensive amenities and beautiful facilities. Rooms are equipped with a cozy fireplace plus modern Wi-Fi and Directv. There are many complimentary items in the room, including organic robes and slippers, drink containers, and bath essentials. Guests can enjoy the outdoor heated salt water pool and Jacuzzi as part of their resort package, located next to the outdoor fireplace lounge area. Numerous walking trails across the 50 acres offer ample opportunity for guests to exercise in the beauty of nature, plus the cabins feature an enclosed patio where guests can relax and take in the view.

Deer Lake Lodge is focused on elimination. Eliminating negative habits, stress, toxins and other unpleasant buildup paves the way for natural and healthy restoration, increased energy, and a better mental outlook. Plus, many guests feel lighter and lose weight during their stay, and notice a reduction of cravings for sugar, cigarettes and other unhealthy substances once they return home due to the program’s fasting and detox rituals. Guests who stay at the resort for a night or more will be given a nutritious liquid diet during their stay, providing the nutrients their body needs while helping to flush out all of the body’s buildup and toxins. Complementing the detox program are in-depth classes, yoga and meditation, spa services, colonics, and carefully administered wellness products. 

You may not realize that the source of many of your health woes is actually the buildup of unhealthy substances in your body, but once you experience the life-changing detoxification program and spa services offered at Deer Lake Lodge, you'll come back to your real life feeling and looking younger, healthier, and revitalized.


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