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November 21, 2017 / 10:37 am EST

Spa Experience

Eco-Care for the Mind and Body
Eco-Care for the Mind and BodyJun 8, 2010
ESSpa Kozmetika Pittsburgh’s First Eco-Friendly Day Spa

With busy schedules and increasing demands on your time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed once in a while.  When enough is enough and you need a mini-retreat, consider an eco-friendly day spa that promises complete relaxation for the mind and body.  ESSpa Kozmetika prides itself on being Pittsburgh’s first eco-friendly day spa, and offers a variety of activities that promise to quiet the mind and recharge the batteries.

Care Packages

With ESSpa Kozmetika, you can book packages for yourself or you and a loved one to experience total relaxation.  There are a number of packages to suit different needs and desires, including:

The Dinner Duet Massage Experience – This is a delicious package for a special guy to book for his special lady.  Upon arrival, the couple receives a champagne toast and then the chance to change into luxurious robes and slippers.  They’ll receive a side-by-side, 60-minute massage that will completely relax them and allow the stresses and worries to slip away.  He can surprise her with a delightful candle-lit, 4-course dinner awaiting them after their massage, including gourmet foods from the extensive menu.  He’ll also receive a complimentary bouquet of a dozen roses for his sweetheart at the end of the night.

Other packages are available which include a variety of treatments such as pedicures, manicures, massages, deep-tissue massages, European facials, body polishes and so much more. These services are also available a-la-carte for faster appointments and same-day bookings.

Eco-Friendly Aspects

The skincare products available at ESSpa Kozmetika are all luxury, organic products created from the finest ingredients.  One of the featured skincare lines at this eco-friendly day spa is ‘ilike organic skincare.’  The products are “created in small batches from organically grown and handpicked herbs, fruits and vegetables and containing the highest possible levels of natural active ingredients.”

They also feature Scandle candles, soy massage candles designed to relax the muscles and provide unique aromatherapy benefits.  As the candles are warmed, they turn into the perfect medium for massage – with vitamins and nutrients that are massaged into the skin for a healthy glow and softness.

Whether it’s a massage you need, a fabulous facial, or just a great getaway – consider ESSpa Kozmetika when you’re in the Pittsburgh area. You’re not likely to be disappointed.  You can even book an appointment online!

By Samantha Cummings


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