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November 21, 2017 / 10:37 am EST

Spa Experience

Gilden Tree – A Golden Opportunity to Pamper Yourself
Gilden Tree – A Golden Opportunity to Pamper YourselfNov 2, 2008

From soothing hand and foot treatments to a pampered night in with the girls, the tale of Gilden Tree natural body care products is drenched in passion, culture, dedication, and eco-friendly luxury. Thanks to the vision of co-owners Kumy and Ann Thariani, the American public now benefits from the transformation of a simple terra-cotta pumice stone possessing hundreds of years of Indian sub-continent history to a business focused on natural healing laced with sophistication.

During a five-year stay in Pakistan, Ann Thariani discovered and fell in love with the Footscrubber – kiln-fired terra cotta that gently cleaned the feet, removed dry skin, and eliminated calluses. Upon returning to the United States, the Thariani husband-wife duo founded Gilden Tree for the distribution of the Footscrubber and many other eye-catching products. The recently highlighted Two-Sided Footscrubber (~$9) appeared in “O” the Oprah Magazine, as one of “The Best."

“When we started in 1990, the environmental movement was just getting started, still in what I like to call the ‘granola’ phase. Not many people seemed to really understand or care. Many ‘natural’ products looked and smelled pretty awful, and didn’t seem to work very well,” says Ann Thariani, co-founder of Gilden Tree. “We believed it was crucial to make really good products that worked well and were pleasant and easy to use, without compromising on environmental and social responsibility.”

Gilden Tree makes it easy to dive into one of the hottest luxury trends that forgoes the formalities of day spas and embraces the intimacy and comfort of a home setting. Treat your girlfriends to a Gilden Tree Home Spa Party by entering a Chocolate Fantasy or indulging in an Organic Foot Care Essentials pedicure. A $40-set includes a Footscrubber, Kiran Forest Nourishing Foot Cream, Unfragranced Cleansing Gel, and Healthy Foot Guide. With Gilden Tree Organic Hand Essentials ($44.50), take advantage of a concentrated Nail & Cuticle Salve that amazingly soothes, repairs, and restores.

From natural cotton robes to a Soul Mates Weekend Retreat Gift Basket for newlyweds, Gilden Tree takes great pride in respecting the environmental and social impact associated with running a business. Some of their eco-friendly company practices include:

Using minimal packaging and easily-recycled amber PET bottles and jars

High-quality Certified Organic ingredients, including aloe vera, jojoba oil and shea butter

Reusing shipping cartons and materials

Minimizing paper use by taking advantage of the Internet

Outside of the United States, Gilden Tree additionally encourages environmentally safe textile manufacturing in Pakistan. Beyond supporting environmental stability, Gilden Tree also promotes human sustainability abroad. In 1993, the company began paying for the education of children belonging to the women responsible for making Footscrubbers in Pakistan – later sponsoring the education of the women themselves – right down to the socks.

Today, Gilden Tree maintains their passion for expanding their magical core ingredients to produce safe, satisfying, and unique products that are now being used in professional spa treatment centers; supplying VIP hotel amenities; and delivering exquisitely attractive, green corporate gifts.

By Yona Williams

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