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November 21, 2017 / 10:32 am EST

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Miraval Resort Integrative Wellness Program
Miraval Resort Integrative Wellness ProgramOct 3, 2011
“You Won’t Find You Anywhere Else™”

All too often, it seems like today’s approach to health and wellness is more frustrating than healing. Tucson, AZ’s Miraval Resort, featuring the Andrew Weil, M.D. Integrative Wellness Program, hopes to change that one guest at a time. Dr. Andrew Weil has built a reputation on the belief that it is not enough to diagnose and treat the symptoms of illness or disease. A better approach is to treat the whole person and work to prevent diseases with a combination of traditional medicine and natural healing techniques. Weil believes that these techniques optimizes life quality and promotes health. Miraval Resort gives people the opportunity to rest and focus on their mind, body and spirit in a natural setting assisted by a trained team of experts. It is a resort, spa and total wellness center integrated together with the goal of optimal health for each guest.


In 1996, Miraval opened the doors to its Tucson resort, located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert with views of the Santa Catalina Mountains. From the beginning, the resort was a place for individuals, couples, families and friends to relax and focus on becoming mindful of the best choices for their mind, body and spirit through a wide range of daily activities. Over time, the Integrative Wellness Program, overseen by Dr. James P. Nicolai, M. D., has become a model of how a resort destination can provide an experience that is more than just a vacation; it can be a turning point in a person’s life. Each aspect of a person’s stay at Miraval Resort is intended to benefit the whole person, including comfortable accommodations, fresh local foods prepared in a healthy manner, and a complete wellness program.


Guests participating in the Wellness Program at Mirval Resort can choose between a collection of 117 rooms and suites grouped in six villages, set on 400 acres of desert landscape. The stay at Miraval is truly all-inclusive. The resort provides transportation to and from the airport, healthy prepared meals, and an extensive catalog of activities which range from relaxing yoga and spa treatments to vigorous hikes in the beautiful natural surroundings. Each guest fills out a health questionnaire and consults with Dr. Nicolai in order to receive the best activities and treatments suited to their needs. The support doesn’t end when the vacation ends, however.  Miraval’s Wellness Team will work with guests once they return home to help make sure that healthy changes become permanent.


With a focus on total health for each individual, the Miraval Integrative Wellness Program supports changes and lifestyle choices that are long lasting for their guests. The resort is focused on supporting long lasting benefits to the local natural environment, as well. Each of Miraval’s facilities was designed and built with responsibly sourced and sustainable materials. The food prepared at Miraval is local and fresh. Part of Miraval’s mission is to “honor nature and support sustainability”. This enables guests to become more mindful of taking care of themselves without placing a burden on the environment. With the success of the Wellness Program at Miraval Resort, the Miraval brand is looking to expand in order to provide its vision to more people. “The Villas” are a grouping of 16 homes, located at Miraval in Arizona, offered for those who want to live the Miraval lifestyle permanently. The homes are LEED silver certified and were sustainably designed and built. Other expansion plans include a Miraval spa resort in Costa Rica and the exploration of opportunities for placing Miraval programs in existing hotels, resorts and other existing locations that emphasize integration with the natural local surroundings. 

In the emerging field of integrative medicine, medical professionals use a combination of Eastern and Western medicine which emphasizes allowing the body to heal itself.  This is achieved through a special combination of traditional medicine, mind, body and spiritual focus. The Andrew Weil, M.D. Integrative Wellness Program at Miraval Resort seeks to immerse guests in this healthy approach to wellness and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy living. The wellness approach offered at Miraval allows each individual to be evaluated and cared for as a whole person, with the belief that “You Won’t Find You Anywhere Else™.”

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