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November 21, 2017 / 10:38 am EST

Spa Experience

Osmosis Day Spa
Osmosis Day Spa Dec 16, 2011
Promises a Relaxing and Green Spa Experience

Guests arriving at Osmosis Day Spa in Freestone, California may think they have suddenly arrived in a beautiful garden in Japan. Among the bonsai trees, raked rock gardens and bamboo is an experience you won't likely forget, and not just because of the unusual beauty of the location. In addition to offering its famous cedar enzyme bath, Osmosis Day Spa is also one of the greenest spas in the country. From the careful cultivation of the land to the new constructed wetlands, this spa seeks to incorporate a green philosophy into every aspect of the experience and show that there is a strong and lasting connection between personal and planetary wellness.


In 1985, most people had never heard of a cedar enzyme bath. However, Michael Stusser, the founder of Osmosis Day Spa, had just returned from a trip to Japan where he experienced the healing effects of the special bath for both body and spirit. The cedar enzyme bath began to increase in popularity once Michael turned a rundown property in Sonoma County into a spa offering the service to the public. Working continually through the years to offer holistic and healing spa services combined with a beautiful setting and incorporating concepts of traditional Japanese Zen beliefs, the spa now offers one of the most unique and inspiring experiences in the country.


Many people who now come to Osmosis Day Spa have heard of the enzyme bath and are eager to experience the transformational effects. However, the spa offers much more, starting with a cup of organic tea in a ceramic cup to help you relax and prepare for your spa service. Other spa services available to guests include several 75-minute specialty massage choices offered both inside or in the relaxing outdoor pagoda. Guests might also be interested in the wraps, facials, aromatherapies and relaxation services offered. Many of the spas packages include a lunch featuring salad, fruit and sushi and a relaxing cup of tea in the gardens. All of the food, tea and spa products offered at Osmosis are either organic, natural, locally sourced or holistic, which also helps to showcase the spa's commitment to green.


The spa's greening and conservation stretches back to when founder Michael Stusser was working to open the spa. Making  the new spa a sustainable and eco-conscious business led to the formation of the Green Spa Network, of which Osmosis Day Spa is a founding member. This network is a non-profit organization dedicated to the greening of the spa industry. Osmosis was one of twelve "seed spas" that incorporated green practices into their everyday operations and supported other green spas with information and resources including a "Green Spa Toolkit." The example set by Osmosis is the pinnacle of what a green spa can be, and it has been recognized with two Business Environmental Alliance of Sonoma County Best Practices Awards and recognition as a Sonoma County Certified Green Business.


Whether it is the new wetlands created to conserve water and support local wildlife or daily practices that support waste reduction and energy efficiency, Osmosis seeks to constantly find new and better ways to be sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment. The spa website features a long and impressive list of practices the spa uses to operate in as green a manner as possible, including reducing garbage output by 25%, offering skin and body products from companies committed to safety and the environment, using recycled tissue and paper towels, finishing the spa's interior with natural materials and low-VOC paint, the use of solar panels and having compact fluorescent bulbs throughout the spa. These measures are just a small portion of the eco-conscious measures the spa undertakes everyday.

A visit to the Osmosis Day Spa is one of the most unique spa experiences to be found anywhere, from the serene pagodas to the calming gardens to the relaxing spa services. At Osmosis, you won't receive just a spa treatment, you will receive a complete wellness and rejuvenation session that places as much importance on the well being of the planet as it does on the well being of its guests.

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