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November 21, 2017 / 10:32 am EST

Spa Experience

Rancho La Puerta
Rancho La PuertaDec 10, 2010
The Perfect Getaway

After a week’s hustle and bustle in the urban jungle, isn’t it amazing to find the perfect place to relax, reflect, get in touch with nature, redirect one’s life and relieve all the stress? Situated between 3,000 acres of mountains and meadows just beneath the sacred Mount Kuchumaa, Rancho La Puerta, is a marvelous relaxation haven at which to spend your weekend. It is blessed with the perfect climate; characterized by cool, moist winters and warm-to-hot dry summers. Founded by Edmond and Deborah Szekely in 1940, the retreat had rich supply of water, goats, cows, and even vineyards. Today, the resort spa offers a wide variety of services which leave you feeling like you don’t know what to indulge in first ad contemplating calling your boss for more days off.

Restful and Healing Spa

The primary service offered by Rancho La Puerta is their spa which offers three health centers. The Villas Health Center, Ranch Health Center, and Men's Health Center together with a Skin Care Boutique form the Racho La Puerta Spa offerings. The spa, combined with Amala and Primavera Skincare, world leaders in all-natural green beauty, cater to their clients needs for more than just "superficial" benefits. Enjoy a true all-encompassing Spa experience every time you visit Rancho La Puerta. Enjoy the effective and soothing body treatments, revitalizing facials, healing massages, pampering salon services, and therapeutic private sessions.

A Balance of Fitness and Renewal

While at the resort spa, you may find yourself indulging into different fitness classes. A fitness concierge will help you to choose what exercises best suit your skill set and fitness level. You can choose from as variety of activities such as Bar Method, Cardio Boxing, Cycling, Aerobics with Soul, Golf, Hiking, Men's Program, Pilates, Meditation Practice or T’ai Chi, Feldenkrais, Tennis, Volleyball, Bird Walk, Hydro-Fit, and Yoga.  Additional and individual client needs can be catered to by contacting the fitness director at Rancho La Puerta.

Food for the Heart

The spa has its own culinary center, La Cocina Que Canta, where guests and visitors can explore, learn and discuss the cuisines served. Distinguished for its freshly picked ingredients and nutritious organic food, the delectable cuisine jives with a low fat, low sodium, low refined flour and low sugar diet. Food is rich in energy due to high fiber and complex carbohydrate contents. Over sixty years of perfecting the all-natural diet has allowed the culinary center to offer hundreds of recipes to enjoy, after a day’s exercise.


Rancho La Puerta is a certified member of the Green Spa Network. During its 70 years of making a difference to other peoples’ lives, it has embraced its eco-program. Guests and visitors are encouraged to become part of their activities, such as tree planting, efficient energy usage, recycling, landscaping, grounds management, organic farming, water management and the like. The founders have been nature-friendly and their philosophy was passed on to the Ranch’s staff up to this day.  Aside from their on-property eco-activities and daily practices, they also have a non-profit foundation, Fundacion La Puerta, which has actively supported social, environmental, and educational projects. The preservation of endangered native plants and wildlife habitats, within the Ranch’s premises, are among the many ways that Rancho La Puerta has maintained its staying power.


Upon your return home, you will be different: healthier, vibrant, and with a positive attitude. You can visit Rancho La Puerta (Green Spa) for more information on how to make a difference in your life and your planet.


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