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November 21, 2017 / 10:33 am EST

Spa Experience

BamboomoJan 5, 2013
Soft, Eco-Friendly Comfort

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, with a record-setting potential of three feet of growth per day and maximum height of forty feet to over ninety feet recorded in some parts of the world. What does this fact have to do with linens, towels and robes? Plenty, according to co-founder of Bamboomo Kendra Moore, who says "Providing luxury items woven from 100% bamboo viscose, Bamboomo takes advantage of the unique qualities of bamboo to offer green products with incredible softness and natural absorbency, resulting in an unparalleled experience for our customers."

Bamboomo makes their towels, sheets, bathrobes, blankets and duvets from 100% bamboo fiber. The company is committed to bamboo because this readily available, green fiber has so many benefits to both the environment and to customers. Historically, cotton was grown for making sheets, clothing, towels and other products, but cotton crops are not eco-friendly. Because of the nature of cotton plants, heavy use of insecticides and pesticides are used, and cotton also requires a lot of water to grow. In contrast, bamboo grows quickly, uses less water, and the plants naturally repel insects, so do not require treatment with damaging chemicals. Bamboo is also biodegradable, so bamboo products that have reached the end of their usefulness do not clutter up landfills.

Bamboo viscose possesses many qualities that makes it an amazingly soft and luxurious fiber to use in Bamboomo's product line. The company offers their items from 100% bamboo viscose because this fiber makes using a Bamboomo product an experience unlike any other.

Towels: Bamboomo bath towels are made from bamboo rayon, which is very soft and incredibly absorbent. In fact, bamboo fiber is naturally absorbent, which makes it a great material of choice for all products offered by Bamboomo. Their luxurious towels are also odor resistant (no more mildew smell!), anti-microbial, and durable.

Sheets: Bamboomo sheets will make you wonder why you ever slept on any other sheet. Not only are they soft and satiny, they also have natural temperature control. They can keep you warm when it's cold outside, and will also cool you off when it is hot and humid. The sheets' natural breathe-ability and absorbency makes them a great choice for people who have night sweats, since they can naturally keep you dry and comfortable. Bamboo sheets can also easily be machine washed.

Blankets and Duvets: The silky soft blankets and comforter covers are great for chilly nights or simply relaxing in your cozy bed. The fabric naturally helps you feel comfortable no matter what the temperature is, and as a bonus, the bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and great for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Bathrobes: The two robes offered by Bamboomo, a plush bathrobe and a full-length hooded robe, will help you feel as if you are wrapped in luxury. The robes are able to absorb moisture and sweat quickly, and dry much faster than cotton. The natural anti-bacterial nature of the bamboo fiber means it will smell fresh and clean, too.

Once most people use a product made from bamboo viscose, they can't imagine ever using something else. It only makes sense that a product that is extremely environmentally friendly, soft, durable, and provides natural health benefits would become a favorite of anyone who cares about luxury and the environment. Bamboomo products are an easy choice for people who want to experience luxurious, eco-friendly comfort every day.


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