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November 21, 2017 / 10:34 am EST

Spa Experience

Ummelina International Day Spa
Ummelina International Day SpaMar 5, 2013
Brings the Globe's Best Healing Treatments to You

A trip to the Ummelina International Day Spa isn't your typical day at the spa. Instead, Ummelina strives to give their guests the ultimate spa experience using only the most effective treatments and the best ingredients from across the globe so you will leave feeling refreshed, peaceful, and beautiful inside and out. Founded in 1986 on the idea that an effective spa experience should help bring about both health and balance to spa guests, Seattle's first spa was a new experience for people seeking better health. Today, guests arriving at Ummelina's two Washington state locations will be taken on a journey by trained and skilled guides who can help each and every guest reach a state of relaxation and healing, using ancient rituals, new technologies, and the best ingredients nature has to offer.

Since the first Ummelina International Day Spa opened in Seattle, WA in 1986, its main purpose has been to provide spa guests with a total healing experience instead of just a menu of spa treatments. From the creation of the natural environments within each spa, designed to provide guests with the feeling of a journey to exotic lands, to the careful selection of treatments and products intended to benefit every person of every ethnicity, Ummelina truly takes a global approach to the healing arts.

The Ummelina spa experience is guided by skilled and well-trained spa personnel who take you on a journey using products and ingredients from across the globe, in combination with healing waters, massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Packages are offered in partial-day or full-day experiences so you can get away for a few hours, or give yourself over to a spa day that will be sure to renew your mind and your spirit. Packages are available for solo or duo “travelers,” plus Ummelina offers special journeys, such as one designed just for pregnant women or the spa package created just for men.

In addition to the amazing healing journeys offered at Ummelina Day Spa, there is another experience unique to this spa. Ummelina offers special group events and gatherings at their famous Tea Spa. This special gallery is done in salvaged teak wood from Indonesia and displays global artifacts, giving it a worldly feel. The tea spa can be rented out for any occasion, from baby and wedding showers, to birthdays or business retreats. Special packages are offered in the Tea Spa, such as the Cross-Cultural tea which includes a bag of tea to take with you, or the opportunity to schedule an Ummelina spa package at the completion of your event. 

Before your Ummelina Day Spa experience comes to a close, you can take some time to explore the Global Remedies gift shop. Here you will find hair care products, mineral make up, organic gifts, organic teas, and products from Ummelina's special skin care collection available for purchase. You'll have the chance to revisit your spa journey at home, and can also use the products to help you look and feel wonderful every day.

A relaxing day at the spa is an experience to be savored and remembered, and it's even better when you are given the freedom to turn your cares and worries over at the door. Let the skilled spa personnel pamper you and provide you with an encounter that is both memorable and healing. At Ummelina International Day Spa, this is the experience they strive to provide their guests. Take a journey into the best healing techniques the world has to offer, all within the serene and relaxing environments of Ummelina's state of the art spa.


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