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November 21, 2017 / 10:37 am EST

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Youthology: Providing an Eco-Friendly Oasis of Health
Youthology: Providing an Eco-Friendly Oasis of HealthMar 5, 2010
A North Carolina First

Whether you're battling the effects of aging or simply rejuvenating the body, atmosphere plays an important role in health and healing. According to Dr. Lisa Hogan, founder and medical director of Youthology in North Carolina, green design provides a healthier and more soothing setting for patients and staff. Using her personal philosophy as a driving force, Hogan established the first eco-friendly medical office in North Carolina to seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification with the US Green Building Council. 

Receiving LEED certification in the green business world is an honor that highlights a commitment to upholding a sustainable site, saving water, using green materials and resources, preserving energy, and enhancing indoor environmental quality. By working with award-winning green architect Tina Govan, to create an impressive state-of-the art design, Youthology takes sustainable beauty and body care to new heights. The end result is a marriage between sophistication and earth-conscious healing – a healthy setting for patients and employees alike.

Eco-Friendly Features

The Youthology office is constructed out of recycled, reclaimed, and renewable materials, which protects people from coming in contact with harmful chemicals or unstable natural compounds. Energy-efficient highlights include a green design that chiefly relies on warm spectrum fluorescent lighting. Natural light pours in to further save energy. Individual controls for the heating, venting and air conditioning system conserves energy. Indoor air quality benefits from a technologically advanced air filtration system.

Youthology provides a calming space conducive for body rejuvenation and other beauty treatments. Some of the ideas spread throughout the office are pushing the envelope of design and aesthetics. Embedded plant material used in conjunction with eco-resin doors and interior clerestory windows create an experience similar to walking in a garden. The doors help maximize natural lighting. Other features of Youthology’s eco-friendly design include:

* Shelving and interior doors made from salvaged wood

* Organic rugs of vegetable-dyed wool decorate the floors

* Public use areas outfitted with low flow faucet aerators and faucet sensors

* Energy Star appliances

* Reclaimed bricks transformed into a loft-like wall

Paper conservation is achieved through the use of electronic medical records and email communications. Organic product lines come in recycled packaging. The office also uses post-consumer recycled paper for their printed materials.

Youthology Services

Once you absorb the impressive blend of sustainability and style, it's time to enjoy a bevy of Youthology services at your fingertips. Specializing in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, clients indulge in treatments that provide the ultimate experience in body beautification. Youthology also employs the latest techniques in beauty and anti-aging, such as Zerona Non-Invasive Body Slimming and Dysport (for wrinkle relaxation). Additional services include:

* Titan non-surgical skin tightening

* Pearl and Pearl Fractional laser resurfacing

* Laser skin rejuvenation

* IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments for "age spots"

* Sclerotherapy and laser treatment of veins

* Light therapy for acne and sun damage

* Permanent lip enhancement

* Hormonal balancing

* Organic facials

* IPL hair removal

* Eyelash extensions

Contact Information
Youthology, Aesthetic and Anti Aging Medicine

10940 Raven Ridge Road, Suite 214

Raleigh, NC 27614

Phone: (919) 847-1495

By Yona Williams


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