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November 21, 2017 / 10:35 am EST

Fashion and Accessories

GreenSewn May 24, 2010
Sustainable, Stylish Fashion Accessories

With mesmerizing colors dancing around your neck, tied across your forehead, or draped over your shoulders, GreenSewn provides luxurious fashion accessories with their stylish, eco-friendly wraps and scarves. Recycling vintage saris from India, GreenSewn supports green business practices by transforming the already vibrant material into one-of-a-kind masterpieces – full of color and character.

The GreenSewn Process – At a Glance

Usually measuring 15 feet or longer, the sari is a traditional garment worn by women in India. Saris ready for a replacement still have a lot of life to give, which is where GreenSewn comes in. The company collects locally sourced, hand-selected vintage saris, and then upcycles the old garments into brilliant scarves and wraps.

After old saris are collected, they are sorted by their dominant color and gently washed by hand. The material is delicate and tender loving care is needed to preserve the breathtaking detail. A mixture of water and soapnuts is used to clean the saris. Interestingly, soapnuts offer an organically grown, natural cleaning solution. When added to water, the biodegradable fruit of the soapberry tree releases saponin – a gentle, natural cleanser. The washed saris are then hung out to dry naturally in the warmth of the sun.

The dried saris are then reduced to strips of color – cut by hand. The strips will later become a blended work of art, as various hues are stitched together in desired color combinations. Loose threads are trimmed and small imperfections are mended by hand. One GreenSewn scarf can contain as many as 14 panels from a handful of different saris.

One-of-a-Kind Designs

Take care in knowing that no two GreenSewn creations are alike. Each scarf and wrap is unique not only in color, but in the past life they once led. Slight imperfections or signs of wear add to the element of product authenticity. The beauty of the final design is often seen in the materials used to produce the scarves and wraps, which possess a history that may include the adventures of several different women in India.

The color schemes of Green Sewn vintage wraps and scarves are divided into Pinks & Fuschias, Turquoise & Blues, Tangerines & Chili, Green & Earthy, and Lavenders & Lilacs. For example, the Sea Green Multi offers a soothing blend of blues and greens. Bright oranges and yellows dance on the Tropical Multi. Purple Passion is comprised of a blend of dark purple hues. For something lighter in color, try the mild combination of light and dark purples in Dusty Lilac.

A Charitable Company 

GreenSewn not only contributes to the growing number of companies that uphold earth-friendly business practices, but is also a charitable company. Aiming to place a dent in the widespread destruction of forests across the world, GreenSewn contributes to Trees For the Future – a non-profit organization centered on tree planting and education programs worldwide. With every purchase made at GreenSewn, 10 trees are planted. 

By Yona Williams



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