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December 17, 2017 / 4:32 pm EST

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Eileen Fisher Clothing
Eileen Fisher ClothingOct 7, 2012
Sustainable Style by Design

Beautiful, simple, sustainable clothing. Back when Eileen Fisher was working as an interior and graphic designer in 1984, one thing became frustratingly clear. The clothes she wanted to wear didn't exist. So, with some ideas in her head and a longing for simple shapes and beautiful fabrics, Eileen set about creating the clothes she wished she could wear. She found an overwhelmingly positive response to the sample styles she created for one show in New York City and soon began selling her designs as Eileen Fisher Inc. Since that time, Eileen Fisher's clothing has stayed true to her original vision of simple shapes in a system of clothing that is versatile, beautiful and above all, highly sustainable.

Eileen Fisher's clothing collections are above all made to make women feel great about themselves when they shop for dresses. Clothing is designed to fit women's bodies in a way that brings out their personal best, helping women express their true selves. Through the use of simple pieces in luxurious fabrics, the brand allows women to look polished, feel comfortable, and wear sustainable clothing that matches their personal environmental commitment. Eileen Fisher pays close attention to how a piece of clothing fits and moves on the body and incorporates fabrics that feel soft, silky, and timeless. The use of organic cotton linen and wool, along with sustainable recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, tencel fabric, and fabric that is unbleached or undyed, shows that clothing can be both beautiful and sustainable.

"Green Eileen" is an important part of the Eileen Fisher brand. Knowing that the clothing the company creates is durable and long-lasting, and timeless, they created a recycling program that allows customers to bring their worn Eileen Fisher pieces to Green Eileen stores for resale. Happy customers can find great Eileen Fisher pieces at great prices while doing their part to help the Earth. Through this one initiative, Green Eileen has recycled 50,000 garments and in turn used those sales to raise over $600,000 for initiatives that support women and girls, a cause that is close to founder Eileen Fisher's heart. The funds from Green Eileen are also contributed to the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, to help provide opportunities to young women. Eileen Fisher Inc. additionally recycles clothing that can't be resold by turning the pieces into blankets, rugs and other items.

Supporting fair trade is another important component of the Eileen Fisher brand. The use of Peruvian knits that are handmade and pieced together by local skilled workers creates opportunity for native Peruvians where there were none. The Peru Project ensures that workers are paid a living wage for their work, that Peruvian work spaces are safe and comfortable, and that the workers receive education and support that fosters pride in their craft. Peruvian workers knit and assemble sweaters using fair trade organic cotton, often at home as a team with family and community members.

What started out as one woman's frustration with getting dressed blossomed into a global brand with a focus on creating sustainable clothes that women will love. Eileen Fisher Inc. produces pieces with careful emphasis on the importance of each step in the life cycle of the clothing, from raw material to manufacturing to purchase to recycling. Integrated into this process for each piece of clothing is a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, which holds equal importance to the look and feel of the pieces. Once you try on your first item of Eileen Fisher clothing, you will understand why people love the luxurious yet simple items that embody this environmentally and socially focused brand.

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