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December 17, 2017 / 4:31 pm EST

Fashion and Accessories

Gunas Dec 3, 2012
Makes Animal-Friendly, Leather-Free Luxury Bags

It is possible to have a love of luxury designer handbags and totes, without compromising your eco-conscious, cruelty-free philosophy. Gunas bags are designed and manufactured to be high-fashion enough for celebrities and eco-friendly enough for even the greenest fashionista. And just in case you think luxury bags are only for women, taking a look at Gunas' collection of  travel bags, laptop bags and messenger bags for men will change your mind. With a focus on creating completely vegan bags from all eco-friendly materials, from the buckles to the adhesives, Gunas has the bag that is sure to become your favorite companion.

Gunas is the brand launched by India's Sugandh Agrawal in September of 2009. Raised with a background in art and design, she traveled to Germany to study art and culture for a year, then came to the United States, where she attended the Columbus College of Art & Design, the Pratt Institute and FIT New York. After receiving the IDSA Merit Award in Industrial Design, Sugandh worked with well-known brands including KitchenAid, Bosch and Victoria's Secret, before making the decision to combine her love of fashion with her skills in product development. Launching her own brand of luxury, eco-friendly, vegan handbags seems a perfect way to combine her passions of designing and creating products with a love of animals.

It didn't take long for the world to respond to the style and quality of the bags in Sugandh's collections, and for those who longed for a cruelty-free alternative to fashionable leather handbags to discover their answer in Gunas bags designer collections. Since the company's launch, celebrities including Jenny McCarthy and Anne Hathaway have sported Gunas bags, and the bags have been featured by Marie Claire and Time Magazine. The brand has also received numerous accolades from environmentally-minded organizations such as Ecoterre and EcoSalon. In order to show that the Gunas brand believes in giving back as well as doing good for the Earth, the company donates a part of their sales to various eco-minded organizations, including the Earth Matters Foundation, which is helping to bring back the tiger population. They also donate their bags to help raise funds for the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, the World Wildlife Fund and the NY Coalition for Healthy School Foods.  

How is Gunas able to produce bags to please both the world of high-fashion and the needs of the eco-minded? It begins with the carefully selected materials the Gunas brand uses to construct all of their products. Instead of using leather, silk or real fur, the company chooses the best manmade materials they can find, including faux nylon, synthetic micro fiber and ultra suede. All bags are made in Gunas' factories located in Hong Kong and New York. The other necessary materials are carefully selected: hardware from Italy and Korea, fabrics from Japan, France, Switzerland and the U.S, and threads from Germany. Items that will not be found in Gunas bags include PVC and vinyl, since they have been shown to harm the environment. Even though Gunas assembles the bags in factories, they do not use toxic production methods, sweatshops or mass production to create their products. Instead, the bags are created in small quantities, with some items custom made in specific color requirements or for exclusive customers.

Gunas also carefully monitors how their collections are produced and who can sell their bags. Adhering to strict production guidelines which require that only 250 pieces of each style are produced in each collection worldwide ensures that customers who have a particular style and color of Gunas bag are the owners of an exclusive item. If you prefer your accessories to speak for themselves, let a Gunas bag do your talking for you...the world will know that you care about luxury and quality, and that you also have great concern for the environment we live in and the creatures who inhabit it.


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