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January 18, 2018 / 2:38 pm EST

Fashion and Accessories

JonänoMar 22, 2015
Green and Serene

When you find yourself looking for new clothes, it can be difficult to find stylish, high quality clothes that come from an environmentally and socially conscious company. Buying clothing that doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment or on the people who produce it is an important thing to consider.

Jonäno is the kind of company that cares about style, simplicity, and minimizing the impact that producing their clothes has on the environment and communities. Jonäno was founded in 2005, and is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their styles are modern, Scandinavian-inspired designs, and are made with organic cotton and other organic textiles.

Not only does Jonäno sell clothing made of organic cotton, they also sell clothing made with organically grown hemp. Hemp has been used to make clothing for over 12,000 years, including being used by early American settlers. Founding fathers Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson once grew hemp for the purpose of making paper, like the paper the Declaration of Independence was written on.

Hemp is also a UV ray blocker. Clothing that is 50% hemp will block harmful UV rays that other fabrics can’t. Fabric containing hemp is also stronger, more absorbent and more mildew resistant than fabrics without any hemp components.

Making sure that the money you spend on clothing goes to eco-friendly and socially responsible companies mean that less money goes to companies who source their cotton grown with conventional methods. Approximately 25% of the world’s insecticides are used in the growth of cotton.  The huge quantity of chemicals used in the conventional growth of cotton creates a domino effect of negative impacts on the environment. The air, water, and soil all suffer from the effects of this type of cotton farming. The runoff of the pesticides poisons the local water supply where it is grown, causing harm to the people living there.

The EPA recognizes that 7 of the top 15 pesticides used in America are possible, likely, probable or known carcinogens. In the year 2000, an astonishing 84 million pounds of pesticides were sprayed on 14.4 million acres of cotton. This unsettling information gives Americans a greater reason than ever before to buy organic cotton whenever possible, such as that sold by Jonäno.

Jonäno is also committed to using green methods of operation, such as paperless inventory, paperless order fulfillment, as well as ensuring that the machinery used to process their clothing is energy efficient. They also use energy efficient lighting in their buildings, and recycled packaging materials when shipping. Tags, mailings and promotional material are printed on recycled paper.

After the fabric is spun, they are dyed with only low-impact dyes. Their new ecoKashmere collection is made from sustainably produced bamboo. Though manufactured in three different locations (USA, Turkey and Asia) Jonäno insists that Fair Labor practices be consistently implemented by all of their business partners.

While Jonäno’s commitment to the environment and the prevention of the use of carcinogenic pesticides is significant, they also support various cancer charities for those who already suffer from cancer, for whatever reason. The owner of Jonäno, Bonnie Siefers (who also designs for the company) lost her mother to cancer when Siefers was only 19. The cancer took her mother in just a few months, and the grief strengthened her resolve to do everything she could to support cancer research and the people who struggle with it.

Siefers even created a line of scarves, called the Daffodil Line, to support cancer organizations. Each beautiful, light spring scarf bought gives a 10% donation to cancer research. With the scarves retailing at $69, this means almost $7 per scarf will go to these research organizations, an amount that can quickly add up.

When buying clothing from Jonäno, you will find that you get quality, long-lasting clothing in styles that are classic, unaffected by the current trend but always attractive. You also are supporting the efforts to expand organic cotton farming methods that protect the earth and its people, as well as bolstering the front line on the war against cancer through Jonäno’s collaboration with various cancer organizations. If you strive to be eco-conscious and socially responsible with your purchases, Jonäno has exactly what you’re looking for.


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