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January 20, 2018 / 5:40 am EST

Fashion and Accessories

Linda Loudermilk
Linda LoudermilkJun 1, 2010
The Soul Stylist of Organic Fashion

When you watch the models strutting down the runway in Linda Loudermilk’s luxury eco-fashions, the very last words that will come to mind are boring, plain, or frumpy.  What you will notice is that her breathtaking designs are edgy, stunning, beautiful, and sexy.  The greatest thing about her high-end clothing designs is that the pieces are made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo, sea cell, sasawashi, and soya.

 Looking Fabulous and Feeling Even Better

When Linda Loudermilk hit the Paris runways several years ago, if she’d been like most designers, she would have been thrilled. She was making it to the top, and her designs were really getting noticed.  However, Linda wasn’t satisfied.  After serious thought, Linda realized what was missing. She wanted to do more than dress individuals; she wanted to make a real difference. After researching eco-friendly materials and seeking out companies that were concerned about their environmental impact, Loudermilk began to create eco-luxury clothing that combines everything fabulous about fashion with environmental concern.

The Materials

The organic fashion designs that Loudermilk creates are not only beautiful – they feel wonderful.  Most eco-fashion individuals know that bamboo is one of the softest and most delicious-feeling fabrics on the planet. Linda also uses Sea Cell (a type of seaweed fabric), and Ingeo (corn).  Her designs are also infused with luxurious lace and fabrics collected from European sources. Each design includes layers of beauty – from the way it feels on your skin to the heads it turns on the street.

Fall 2010 Collection

Loudermilk’s collections combine striking color, riveting textures, and bold lines that are unexpected and pleasing. The Fall 2010 collection features rich colors, asymmetrical cuts, and fabulous detail.  Eco-luxury connoisseurs will appreciate the kimono-style wrap top, boasting wide and flowing sleeves, and secured at the waist with a beautiful wrap tie. A party or night on the town might demand something like the sheer, shimmering dress that rests against the body naturally, with elegant gathers and feminine elements. The collection is diverse; a myriad of colors, styles, cuts, and attitudes.  Perhaps this is why Linda’s clients range from “celebrities and socialites to biker chicks and boxers.”


Linda Loudermilk has been called the ‘Vivienne Westwood of eco’ by Elle Magazine, and W Magazine called her ‘one of the top 20 innovators to watch.’ In addition, she has been featured by TV Guide, Lucky Magazine, Rolling Stones Magazine, and many others.  Her clothing can be found in eco-conscious organic fashion stores across the country, including Camilla Boutique in Brooklyn, Bonnie and Clyde’s in Chicago, and EcoCitizen in San Fransisco.

By Samantha Cummings



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