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January 18, 2018 / 2:31 pm EST


Blue Marble
Blue MarbleFeb 25, 2012
Socially Responsible Investing

Is there a connection between the Apollo 8 space mission and Blue Marble Investments, a “socially active investing firm?” The common thread between these two seemingly unrelated things is the image brought to mind by the words of the Apollo astronauts as they glimpsed "a tiny, lovely, and fragile blue marble hanging in the blackness of space." Blue Marble Investments takes that classic image as both their name and the underlying belief that fuels their investment firm. Many years after the world first saw the image of Earth from outer space, it is even more critical that we protect and preserve our “fragile marble” with responsible actions and care for the natural world we inhabit. Blue Marble Investments uses a socially responsible investment platform to help those that choose to invest their money with a firm that takes an active role in supporting global, social and environmental causes.


What is socially responsible investing? It's a special type of investment, known as SRI, that allows people to invest in companies that share their values, do good in the world, or are ecologically responsible, while at the same time turning a profit that brings a return on investment. The social investing process is different from traditional investing. Instead of choosing companies for a portfolio based completely on stock value or projected performance, companies are chosen based on social screening data, shareholder advocacy and community investing. Socially screening a company before investing in it allows the investor to choose companies that focus on the environment, animal or human rights, or sustainability, for example. Becoming a shareholder allows people to be a part of the companys growth and direction, while community investing allows individuals to support organizations that provide opportunities for the underprivileged.


At Blue Marble Investments, socially responsible investing isn't just a portfolio option. It's the very foundation that the firm is based on. In addition to offering investors options they can feel good about, and supporting their specialty areas of clean energy, water and microfinance, Blue Marble also leads by example. The firm gives one percent of their revenue to social and environmental causes. They also plan to give more as they grow, ensuring that they can serve more investors while giving more to deserving causes.


Investment services offered through Blue Marble include IRA and Roth, College 529 Savings and Charitable Trust and Donor Advised Funds. Both individual investors and charitable organizations and businesses can take advantage of Blue Marble’s financial advisory services and set up an investment portfolio that is completely unique.  Blue Marble’s Earthfolio investment portfolios, which range in strategy from aggressive to conservative, are the cornerstone of their financial services. Each individual portfolio is created according to a several-step process that includes selecting mutual funds based on financial, environmental and social preferences. Screening for positive factors such human rights, equality or environmental factors, along with negative screens for factors such as alcohol, gambling, animal rights or weapons is built into the process. The selections are analyzed to create the portfolio, which is then managed and monitored by Blue Marble for performance. According to Blue Marble’s research, the KLD400 index, a measure developed in 1990 to analyze returns of “good” companies based on total return and risk adjustment, performs on par with the S&P500.  Do better companies make better investments? The analysis of returns seems to support the idea that the outcomes for investors are both financially sound and socially positive.


It’s becoming more critical than ever to manage our worth responsibly and carefully. Many people seek a level of trust in their financial management firms due to recent negative publicity in the media surrounding the world of finance and investment. Investing in your own financial future with Blue Marble Investments, a firm that is trustworthy and socially-focused, while also being able to use that investment to create a future with clean air and water, increased human and animal rights and support of companies actively working toward positive change isn’t just a financial investment. It’s an investment in our future.

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