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January 18, 2018 / 2:23 pm EST


GreenChoice Bank
GreenChoice BankJul 13, 2014
A Bank Committed to a Different Kind of Green

Green banking and green investing have become popular recently as people seek out money solutions that are both financially stable and environmentally or socially responsible. GreenChoice Bank has been offering financial products and services to people and businesses that support the environmental, social, and financial needs of customers, communities, and the Earth. Boasting a LEED platinum certified flagship location in Chicago’s innovative Green Exchange building, plus two branch locations that are both convenient and sustainable, GreenChoice Bank offers Midwest banking customers solutions that can make both their wallets and their values happy.

The Green Exchange building, located along Chicago’s Kennedy Expressway, has a long history in the city, as it was once a factory and home to the Frederick Cooper Lamp company. A project to renovate and revitalize the 272,000 square foot, four-story facility into a bustling hub of retail space, showrooms, offices, and lofts, all with sustainability and preservation at the heart of the redesign, included space for a bank. However, the developers knew that not just any bank would do. They wanted to offer the first floor spot on the Diversey Avenue location to a bank whose business practices aligned with the project’s sustainable mission.

GreenChoice Bank was offered the location both for their sustainable products and services, and for their environmentally friendly business practices. Making the most of an intentionally smaller space, with a 3,800 square foot environmental footprint, the bank’s facility was awarded LEED Platinum certification for Commercial Interiors, making it the only community bank location in the Midwest to earn that certification, and one of only a handful in the entire country. As GreenChoice Bank began making careful and Eco-friendly decisions for the flagship Green Exchange location, they also renovated their existing branch locations, in Cicero and Lockport, Illinois, earning the separate hundred-year-old branches LEED for Existing Buildings certification.

Having environmentally healthy locations was vitally important to the bank’s core philosophy of offering both individual and business banking solutions that embrace sustainability and sound environmental choices. All of GreenChoice’s systems, products, and operating processes are sustainable, ranging from phasing out traditional paper-based banking practices in favor of electronic services, to offering loan and deposit products that give customers advantages for making sustainable choices. The bank also addresses and offers solutions for some common green banking criticisms, foremost being the ability of GreenChoice customers to use their recycled plastic debit cards in non-fee network ATM machines.

The three GreenChoice Bank physical locations have proudly chosen environmentally conscious building practices. These are highlighted for bank customers with signs meant to educate them on the many ways the bank is creating a healthy and sustainable future. These include the use of reclaimed wood, reused and repurposed materials, non-VOC paints, locally sourced materials when possible, and high efficiency lighting choices. GreenChoice Bank continues making sustainable choices even behind the scenes. Many bank operations are electronic or image based, and the bank rewards employees for their own choices, including volunteering, using public transport, or purchasing green vehicles.

Banking customers will find all of their traditional banking needs are easily met with GreenChoice Bank. The institution offers personal, business, and non-profit banking and lending solutions, personalized service, and a promise to avoid overloading customers with endless fees. But GreenChoice is also committed to offering more than just the “basics,” and give customers ways to do good with their money and feel good about banking with an institution that has the greater good in mind. This is why GreenChoice offers customers the chance to support local sustainable efforts with their deposits, secure loans for energy-efficient projects, and receive enhanced advantages for choosing sustainability. It’s what sets GreenChoice Bank apart from the other banking institutions vying for your dollar: they’re vying for our future.

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