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January 18, 2018 / 2:31 pm EST


Winslow Management Company
Winslow Management CompanyMay 4, 2012
Invest in the Green Revolution

Green investing has become a buzzed-about phrase lately, as investors seek strategies that match their values and personal priorities as much as their financial objectives. Winslow Management Company has been offering green investing services since 1983, long before the boom in green investing began. With over 25 years experience, Winslow can offer something many other investment firms can't: a knowledge of green market trends and investment opportunities based on sustainable and environmentally friendly companies that have long-term growth potential. 

In 1983, Jack Robinson founded Winslow after seeing the profitability of "green" products firsthand. Working as the CFO of a garden supply company, he realized that some of the most profitable products sold were the green ones. Seeing market potential, he founded Winslow to help clients experience the positive financial outcome of environmentally-focused investing. The Winslow Green Growth Fund (WGGFX) was launched in 1991, after the firm decided to focus exclusively on environmentally sustainable investing in response to the high performance of environmentally responsible portfolios as compared to unscreened portfolios.

Winslow's approach to investing is the result of years of green investment experience and a deep knowledge base of the green market. Instead of focusing exclusively on socially responsible, sustainable, or "clean tech" investing, Winslow builds portfolios by combining all three approaches. This broad approach means Winslow can identify companies whose green practices offer them a better competitive advantage due to efficient operations, lower risk mitigation, a better future market position and better overall company quality. The effectiveness of the strategies employed by Winslow are backed by studies on sustainable investing. In a broad review of 20 peer-reviewed studies, 10 found a positive relationship between environmental, social and governance factors compared to share price performance, and only 3 found a negative impact.

With a portfolio management approach that uses ESG (environmental, social and governance) and financial analysis tools, Winslow offers clients the opportunity to invest in companies with clean, efficient business practices or those with products that solve environmental problems. Investment themes are based in clean energy, water, resource efficiency, sustainable living, environmental services, green transportation and green building products. In tracking investment outcomes, however, Winslow judges its performance against the entire financial services industry, not just the green industry, because this is how they know investors will ultimately measure long-term performance.

Winslow also offers separately managed accounts to corporate clients, non-profits, endowments, trusts and individuals with high net worth. Individual and institutional investors can choose from two composites: the Green Growth composite for an environmentally focused approach, or the Green Large Cap composite for investment in companies that could benefit from the trend toward a greener economy.

We know the environmental challenges we are currently facing on a global scale: climate change, better water management, cleaner transportation, better waste management and the ongoing protection of natural resources. More and more companies are devising solutions to these problems, solutions that can lead us to a greener future while offering smart investors a greener and brighter financial future. When placing investments with Winslow Management Company, clients can generate positive financial growth while supporting the growth of companies working toward a sustainable future.

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