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January 18, 2018 / 2:26 pm EST


New Resource Bank
New Resource BankSep 26, 2011
Planet-Smart Banking

The experience of banking has become largely impersonal. We don’t even need to go inside the bank to conduct our business. If you are seeking a new banking experience, first imagine going into a bank building to open a new account. You are attracted to a large display of materials featuring local green and sustainable businesses by the entryway. You look for the bank tellers, but only see a group of friendly-looking people sitting at desks. One of them welcomes you over. When you state that you would like to open an account, the bank representative sits with you and goes over all your options. The next day, you receive a personal email from the bank representative thanking you for your business and offering you help should you need it. You feel good about your relationship with your new bank, and about your bank’s relationship with your city and the world. Does this seem like a fantasy? I assure you it’s not. It is simply the way New Resource Bank, based in San Francisco, CA, does business every day.


The banking industry has taken a beating lately, and many people are searching for banking options that fit their lifestyle and beliefs. Mergers, changes in banking practices and less than stellar portrayals of banks and banking professionals in the media have all led to a negative view of even well established and otherwise trustworthy institutions. The experience related above is at the very heart of how New Resource Bank operates. They want to provide a banking experience that feels good for their customers and impacts the planet in a positive way.


New Resource Bank was established in 2005, and has rapidly become a model for change in the banking industry. New Resource promises to “manage the financial, environmental and social impacts of our activities to promote the global well-being of future generations.” That belief is backed by solid banking practices, incorporated into every level of the bank’s operations and reflected in customers’ glowing reviews. People who switch to New Resource Bank can be sure that their money is safe and easily accessible, since New Resource Bank uses the most up-to-date banking technology. They can also delight in knowing the money they deposit helps to do good for the world. It’s a banking relationship that simply can’t be experienced with many banks.


Banking Options at New Resource Bank:


- New Resource Bank is available for business, non-profit and personal banking. Businesses that bank with New Resource Bank are typically green businesses or traditional businesses that are looking to become more sustainable. New Resource Bank has the resources to help these businesses on their path to profit and eco-consciousnesses. Businesses seeking a loan must be green businesses or those seeking to improve their sustainability.

- New Resource Bank offers options for non-profit organizations, including a money-saving and donation-generating nonprofit banking program. The bank also offers help and resources to these organizations, and provides funding to non-profits for green initiatives.

- Personal banking options at New Resource Bank are based on quality personal service for every customer. Customers also receive a Planet-Smart debit card that earns cash for carefully selected non-profits with every swipe, plus customers can use their card at any ATM without fee penalties.


How Banking at New Resource Bank Creates a Better Planet:


New Resource Bank does not just talk about being a green, sustainable institution; they strive to live that credo in every aspect of their operation. Their efforts have been recognized with a LEED gold certification for their San Francisco headquarters, the designation of one of “America’s Greenest Banks” in 2010 by Bank Technology News, and by becoming the first publicly traded B Corporation in recognition of its social and environmental efforts. There are many additional ways New Resource Bank creates an institution that is better for the planet, and it all adds up to this: “New Resource aims to advance sustainability with everything we do—the loans we make, the way we operate and our commitment to putting deposits to work for good. When you bank with us, you’re making a smart choice for the planet.”

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